Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memoirs of a Crazy Witch: Owls and Butterflies

About my two newest totem animals.

I would now like to share with you the story of the two newcomers into my spiritual life; The Owl and The Butterfly.

I have always been fascinated by owls. When I was three years old, my parents took a leap of faith, bought 17 acres of woods and swamp and we packed up from living in the city and spent the next year living in a tent, and then later a tiny camper while they built the house I grew up in.

I spent my days running naked through the woods, since as a child of three, in the woods, my parents had a real hard time keeping me dressed *Smiles* At night while we sat around the campfire, the screech owls would begin their eerie calling to each other. Low hoots, escalating into hair raising screams would echo through the forest, adding an otherworldly feel to the night.

Over the years, even after we got the house built, I spent many a nights in the Winter, with the vents in my room closed, and the windows open, wrapped in a blanket with all the windows open, listening to the crickets and the Owls all night long.

After a few years, I got married, and moved to the city, and lost the Owl for a long time. But since moving back into the country 3 years ago, my old friend has once again returned to me. I see them flying in the backyard, I hear them most every night, and I see them all over the television, in artwork, all over the pages I visit on the net.

I am particularly drawn to Barn Owls, White Owls and Great Horned Owls.

Here are the main characteristics associated with the owl spirit:

* Wisdom
* Messages
* Transition
* Secrets
* Mystery
* Intelligence
* Mysticism
* Protection

There is a common misconception that owls were Omens of Death. In ancient cultures they were the keeper of spirits and guided the departed souls to the underworld and protected them until they reached their destination.

They are nocturnal creatures, at home in the night. As I have said before, I am very much a creature of the night. I am sluggish during the day, but as the sun sinks below the horizon I come alive.

I am looking forward to seeing what The Owl has to teach me…

This leads me on to the newest of them all, The Butterfly.

This is an odd totem for me, because while I think they are beautiful, I have never been particularly “in” to them.

Now, I can not go outside with out them swarming around me, which is all good and fine until one of them with a 5 inch wing span zooms in front of your face like a Condor ;)

I do not know much about them, as it is an ongoing research project at this time, but here is the little I do know:

Butterfly animal symbolism speaks of:

* Resurrection
* Transition
* Celebration
* Lightness
* Time
* Soul

A lot of things have happened to me recently, ans that has brought on the beginning of a transformation in me. I am hoping to start a new career and there is a lot of mental and emotion things happening. I am also trying to focus on expanding my spirituality and learning more about my path, and I feel that the Butterfly fits into this as well.

So, those are the newest members of my spiritual animal family. Hope you enjoyed reading about them, and maybe this will inspire you to research the animals you are most drawn to or that you are especially aware of, and see what YOUR animal guide is!

Thanks for walking down the path with me awhile……

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Unknown said...

I also have a thing for owls. I love reading your Crazy Witch posts.

Thanks for commenting on my Moon Magic Monday post. So much great information! You're awesome :)