Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oh yeah, I forgot!

In all the school hoopla going on around here, I almost forgot to mention that as of August 1st I had been SMOKE FREE for a whole month!

*Balloons and confetti fall from the sky as I sit here and give my best pageant wave*

I do not even have cravings anymore..and I have not used my pseudo cig...aka my "Smoking Pen" in over a week!

Hooray for me!

Now if only my lungs would stop trying to eject themselves from my body by making me cough them up, everything would be grand!!

But hey, I have smoked ( except while I was pregnant or really sick ) off and on since I was 14, and steadily since I turned 18. I just turned 30 in May, so for the better part of 15 years I had a cig stuck in my face. I am proud of me. I did it cold turkey as well. No patches or stuff for me.

Now if I could just get the hubman on the band wagon......


*Music of the Moment: Panama by Van Halen*
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AmyK. said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I quit several years sucked, but it was the best thing I did.


She Who Works Her Will said...

What a wise decision you have made and a difficult one at that!

::::standing ovation!::::