Sunday, April 04, 2010

A day for family...

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and Happy Sunday to those who dont lol.

It has been a busy weekend. We have spent most of it at my parents house, which was not bad. Alex stayed there last night, meaning Jack and I got some much needed alone time.

We went over this morning and smoked some chicken and ribs, and Mom cooked a huge spread inside the house. It was a great dinner! Dad did not eat much, he is still feeling rather poorly, so we did not see much of him as he was laying down a lot.

Today is also Jack's and myself's 6th anniversary  :)

It has been great getting to spend so much time with the kids and with my family. It has been a busy few days,  but this weekend was nice. I am looking forward to this week.

Tomorrow I am taking a "Me" day to relax, and then Tuesday, as long as Dad does not end up back in the hospital, I will finally get to start on my kitchen and finish up some other painting projects and start new ones lol.

I have a lot of cleaning to do, which I might do tomorrow if I feel like it. Laundry and such, as always lol.

I hope you have all had a great weekend!


Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! Hope your dad gets better soon too.

Nydia said...

Happy anniversary! All the happiness and more years together to mcome! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.

Anonymous said...


Nydia said...

PS: And you see what happens when we blog late nights... only today I read your previous post about your dad... Wishing him healing vibes!