Friday, October 01, 2010

Blog Pimpin' for October!

Yes, I will be revamping my own, I am starting the work on that as we speak, but right now I want to mention two long awaited events that we in the Blogger universe look forward to all year! It is October, and you know what that means!

First off we have the highly anticipated 31 Days of Halloween over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. Mrs. B has some awesome giveaways and wonderful guest bloggers for the entire month! Check her out every day for a chance at winning something new every day, and to read the fantastic guest blogger and Haunted Blog Tour participants!

The other October Thing of Awesomeness is from LJ over at A Racing Mind. Her 31 Days of Horror is a personal favorite of mine, as I love horror movies, and last year I added a few to my viewing collection that I was not aware of before thanks to her! This year should prove to be especially creepy, especially for me, because her theme for this year is spiders, and as you all know, spider freak me the hell out and will send me screaming for the hills. I have actually been trapped in my house due to a massive Banana Spider making a web that spanned my entire front door ( on the outside ) and I refused to leave until Jack got home and transplanted her lol. So go check out her 31 Days of Horror movies series and check it out!

As for me, I am currently looking for a new Fall layout, as I enjoy the cool temps outside. I have my house open and music playing and I have been enjoying several cups of herbal and fruit hot tea. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year, and I feel the long anticipated "Fall Rush" which is what I call that spark of life and energy that usually fills me this time of year. Look for more posts from me in my new fall dress soon, but in the meantime, go to the awesome blogs above and have some fun!


The Computer Connoisseur said...

Hey that sure is awesome Bella, I was a part of Mrs. B's haunted blog tour last year (as you know lol) and it was really fun. I'm going to be checking out those blogs for sure in the coming weeks. Let the leaves "rush" in falling, autumn is the best time of the year!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thanks for mentioning me, I'm honored! I hope everyone will enjoy the lineup I've got going this year! Much love to you, Bella!