Friday, October 29, 2010

I am happy today!

Well I am happy most days, but especially happy today!

For starters, that friend I mentioned in my last post responded to my email and we have rekindled our friendship, which makes me so very happy!

Next, the hot, rainy, and muggy weather that has blanketed us for the last week and a half finally went out with a bang. We had one good massive and wicked storm yesterday and when that front that has caused havoc all over the Eastern side of the country blew out, it brought the cold temps back with it, much to my delight. I got to sleep with the window open in my bedroom last night, and I slept like a rock!

I won my first ever giveaway/contest on Twitter ( or anywhere else for that matter ) today, a bottle of Samhain Oil from Kiki's Cauldron!

Last but certainly not least, in two weeks I will be done with my Yule shopping for my kids and my Mom....thanks to a special blessing, I am able to get them a lot of really cool stuff they are going to love, and I am bouncing with excitement over it! I already have half of it ( or is en-route ) and I will order the rest of it in a couple of weeks, giving it plenty of time to be shipped in case there is any delays.

I am taking a sort of creative day today, I already did some cleaning. I am blogging, and I need to reinstall Photoshop on my PC, I am wanting to make some tags for my blog posts and whatnot.

Monday I go back to walking full time, I was sidelined all week long due to the rain, and today is sunny but the road I walk on is washed out in places and has deep mud. Jack takes that road into work and he texted me while I was at the bus stop and told me in spots the mud was up to his door panels, he had a hard time getting through, luckily he drives a big heavy truck so he was able to power through it. He asked me specifically NOT to walk down the road, and for him to say that, I know it is bad, so I will take this last day to chill out here at home. It will be sunny all weekend so hopefully the road will have dried out enough on Monday to resume walking.

I think that sums it up for me for now. I am going to make my FB rounds and then get Photoshop reinstalled and have some fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Samhain Oil! You'll have to let me know how it is when you get it.

We are having a creative day today too. Pumpkin carving, Samhain preparations, some cleaning, and (most importantly) having fun!

That's great that you are almost done your Yule shopping. What blessing happened in my absence?

Love you