Thursday, December 09, 2010

30 Days of Truth : Day 30

Day 30: A letter to yourself, tell yourself everything you love about yourself.

Dear Me,

After 30 days of a lot of soul searching posts, it comes down to this.

Your pretty awesome. You have been though so much shit in your life, done so many things, and you are still here to tell about it. Your happy. You are happier than you have ever been. That is a huge deal, and pretty amazing, since you have spent most of your life being miserable, feeling that the world was out to get you.

You finally grew up, realizing what it means to be a wife and mother, daughter and friend. Even though you are pretty cool and even tempered on the outside, you are full of passion and emotion on the inside, you just do not show it. It is okay, you do not have to. It makes you feel safe, and you make sure you show it when you need to.

You are being the best Mom and wife you know how to be, and Alex and Jack love you deeply. Things got hairy there for a while, and you thought you were going to lose it all again, but you conquered your fear and did not let it all slip away. You should be really proud of yourself for hanging in there, you would have let it all go in the past, thinking you did not deserve to be happy and loved. It is about time you realized your own self worth!

You grow every day, your better every day. Doors are opening in your heart and mind, and the change in you is nothing short of amazing. The last 6 months have been a massive growing period for you, and you had a rough time there for a while, change came fast, and we all know how much you hate change. You hung on and rolled with the flow, accepting it instead of fighting it, and look where you are now, how happy you are. 

It took you almost 32 years to get to this point, and it is only going to get better. Keep going. Stay strong. Keep growing. Love yourself.

You deserve it babe.

Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bella:

You're doing a great job, you're a wonderful woman.

The Goddess