Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh what a weekend it was...

Howdy folks.

It has been a most interesting weekend, to say the least. Some bad, some good.

The bad? Well I have been sick for about a week now, and Friday morning I got up and could hardly get to the bathroom. I was gasping for breath and I had to stop and rest 2 feet out of my bathroom door. Jack could hear me wheezing from across the house, and as he came around the corner to check on me, he stopped in his tracks.

"Go get dressed, I am taking you to the emergency room." he said.

"I...*gasp* do not *wheeze* need to go *gasp* to the ER *coughing fit*" I protested.

" Yeah and I do not want you to die. Your sick honey, your getting worse and your lips are blue. Let's get Alex on the bus and I am taking you in, go get dressed."

As I grumbled on the way back to my bedroom, I was coming up with all the reasons I did not need to go to the hospital. I hate hospitals. Alex only had a half day at school, and there was no way I would be done in time, and I had no one to get her off the bus if Jack was with me. My Mom was at work and my Dad would not have done it. I hate hospitals. It is expensive, since we do not have insurance. Well, I do not anyway. They never give me the right meds, they just tell me I am sick and go have some over the counter meds, here is your 1000 dollar bill and have a nice life. I hated to make Jack miss work because of me, as he is out of vacation days. So on and so forth.

I tried to voice these reasons to Jack but he was not having it. " Your going, if I have to tie you up and throw you in the truck and force you to go. Take it from someone who has chronic lung problems, you NEED to go, end of story."

Me: 'FINE.'

So we take Alex to the bus stop and away we go. I get in there pretty fast, and the doc came in, had a listen to my chest and told me I has some serious wheezing going on.

Me, internally: Brilliant. I would never have known that. *Sighs* I hate hospitals.

So he orders me some breathing treatments which were lovely, helped a lot, and after asking me did I have someone with me to drive me home, he have me a double dose of Hycodan. That is Vicodin laced cough syrup for anyone who did not know that. Great stuff. I had been coughing so much and so hard for days, my entire upper body felt like I had been beaten. It was nice not to hurt for the first time in a week. He also ordered a chest X-Ray which showed the junk in my lungs, and after a few more breathing treatments and checking me for flu by shoving a 5 inch swab up my nose, which made me all but crawl off the table, he let me go a few hours later with a Rx for a bottle of that cough syrup, a round of antibiotics, and an inhaler.

Due to the insane price of medication, I got everything but the inhaler, since I had a couple here already that are Jacks that he had last time he got so sick. I sterilized them and have been using them instead. The cough syrup was a trial and error experience let me tell you. It had been several hours since the dose they gave me in the hospital and the time I got my Rx filled, and I was coughing like crazy again. So stupid me gets in the truck when we got it, cracked the top without bothering to look at the dosage, and took a nice swig of it, like I would an cough syrup I needed right away. About 15 minutes later I started to feel great. 30 minutes after that, when we got home, I felt a little ill. an hour after taking it, I was pretty sure I was going to die. I was so high, and not the fun kind of high, I mean the "Omg I am going to die, I can not stand this feeling, I want to come down now" miserable kind of high. Kind of like the ONE time I tried a pot brownie and I was high for 2 days. MISERABLE. This coming from a former addict, so that should tell you something lol. I even tried to make myself throw up, I was that miserable, Anything to get it out of my system, but to o avail. I could not manage to hurl. So I had to ride it out.

Turns out the normal dosage is 5 to 10 ML...which is like a tablespoon to two tablespoons...and that swig I took was about 5 times that amount, I mean I had a mouthful. So you can imagine how bad I felt. I was nauseous and my head was hurting and I was all twitchy. Even after I "came down" the next day, I can not take a full dose. It makes me sick. I am supposed to take the 5 to 10 ML every four hours, but I only take a little less than a TEAspoon every four hours. That keeps the coughing at bay without making me feel all jacked up and icky. It is funny now, looking back, but man I was ready to go BACK to the ER to have them get that crap out of me lol. Needless to say I am much more careful now, and will be reading all dosage instructions on anything with a narcotic in it from now on lol.

The good thing is that Jack was the sweetest guy ever the whole weekend. He took such good care of me, he went out of his way to make me feel better. He even went to the store Sunday morning and got the fixings for my favorite meal: Steak, baked potatoes, salad and English peas. He cooked all weekend and made sure a had anything I needed. He was with me just about every second for three days and I missed him so much this morning when he went back to work!

I am feeling much better now, and better every day. I am so excited for Friday, since our tradition in my family is to open gifts on Christmas eve and then have dinner on Christmas day, and the kids are going to be so excited about their gifts this year!

So that is where I have been since I got my net back. Now I am doing my best to stay up for the lunar eclipse tonight but I am having a tough time. I am not used to being up this late anymore lol.

Hope you all have a great week!

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A Hippie's Bookshelf said...

I hope you are feeling better. That sounds awful. I missed the eclipse :( for a number of reasons, but I would not have made it. We get up so early now and we both are so sleepy by 8pm, we are lucky to make it til 9. My thoughts are with you and get better.

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