Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lazy weekend...

It has been a lazy weekend here. 

Yesterday we did nothing but play video games and relax, and watch a little TV together. Jack cooked us breakfast which was awesome, and much much later I made a yummy dinner of Spanish rice with some of the massive 26 pound turkey I cooked earlier this week mixed in.

This morning we got up early and went to Wal-Mart, where I picked up a gift for my eldest daughters 14th birthday later this month, and a new outfit for Alex to wear Tuesday. She is having a field trip to the state capitol to sing for...well....I actually have no clue who they are going to sing for. Lawmakers? Lol. She  and the other kids are going to be a human flag and she had to have a specific outfit so we picked that up as well.

Then we went to Huddle House and had a fantastic and relaxed breakfast, and then went grocery shopping.

We came home and I put it all away, then I went across the street and visited with Vicky and Stephanie for about 20 minutes, came home, started a load of clothes and Jack decided to play his game, and here I am.

I am supposed to cook tacos for dinner but to be honest I am not in the least bit hungry yet.

So it has been a nice and relaxing weekend, but I am so ready to get the week started. Lots more organizing to do..( I ripped my kitchen apart and cleaned it, rearranged the cabinets and one of my two pantries, and the pots and pans pantry. ) I need to clean out my Entertainment system, and one day this week I have to go through Alex's room and get rid of some of her old toys. She got a lot of stuff for Christmas, and her room is just a wreck, because she has more stuff than she has places to put it. So that will be an all day thing.

We found the desk that will be my new computer desk when we get income tax in. It is gorgeous wood, with a hutch on the back, full of cubby holes and cabinets and drawers, so I will finally have a place to keep all my computer and office stuff within reach, instead of all over the house where I have room for it. I am using a plain kitchen table now, shoved against the wall. No drawers or places to put anything. I am so excited and can not wait! Two more weeks and we get to have some fun!

Other than that, not much else going on. Just more of the endless purging and reorganizing that never seems to end lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Spanish rice, turkey, tacos! You are killing me!!!! I'm fasting, and in my hunger period lol

I think I just drooled a bit ;-)

It is nice that your daughter gets to sing. said...

cute blog :-) just dropping by!