Sunday, January 02, 2011

Order is restored!

After a  very hard day yesterday of no cleaning, ( we all know the old new year's day superstitions, right? ) I have been cleaning since my feet hit the floor this morning!

The laundry save for the bed sheets I am washing is all done and put away, the living room is clean, vacuumed and dusted, the holiday decor is put away for another year, and the house looks much better and I feel much better.

I still need to clean Alex's room, and straighten mine, but I will wait until she goes back to school on Tuesday before I tackle those. I do not want to hear the " But Mama, I NEED that!" arguments that come when I go through her things when she is here. My room is not dirty, it just needs a good dusting and a rearranging of some things.

Later in the week I have some other things that need to be done, like the movie and game cabinet needs to be gone through and reorganized...and I need to organize the pantry and the kitchen, but I will get to that later. 

Tomorrow I am going to sit on my rear and play Final Fantasy 13 all day since I have not gotten to play but once since I got the PS3 for Christmas. Jack has been hogging it, but that is okay, I am always trying to get him to play, and he finally got a game that will hold his attention for long periods of time, which is rare!

After I get done washing the sheets I have to get Alex in the bath. Tonight is normal school day bedtime for everyone, as Jack goes back to work tomorrow after a long weekend and to get her back in the habit before Tuesday. I am so ready to have my routine back, I just can not tell you!

I am so ready to get this year started, and get to work on some projects. Income tax time is coming at the end of the month, and that is always something we look forward to. I have three birthdays to celebrate this month; Jack's is on the 15th, my father's is on the 18th and my eldest daughter will be turning 14 on the 21st!

I have been doing some personal journal writing, which is something I always tried to do in the past with pen and paper, but never stuck with it, so I started a private online journal, which is more suited to my needs and I have written a few things in it so far. I have also been tweeting more, and trying to interact with people on Facebook more. Last year was the year for going within and growing and processing, this year will be the year I come out of the dark cave and embrace the light once more, and I am really looking forward to it!

I just feel really good, full of energy and promise, unlike anything I have felt in a long time.

Tonight I am making a yummy dinner of beef roast with roasted potatoes, black eyed peas and turnip greens, along with some cornbread. I was supposed to make it last night for new years dinner, but we had a heavy late lunch and no one was hungry, so I just decided to do it tonight instead. I hate to cook when no one is hungry, I feel it just goes to waste.

I think that sums it up for now, I am off to go get those sheets in the dryer. 

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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A Hippie's Bookshelf said...

Happy New Year! It sounds that you have had a beautiful beginning and your new look here is just lovely, bright as your spirit. Take great care and a blessed new year to you.

The Wytch's Mirror