Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have the slack ass disease....and a good cause....

Yes indeed. I do not know what is up with me, but this week I have not felt like doing a darn thing. 

I have a ton of laundry to fold, and I need to dust and clean the bathroom. I did manage to finally run the vac today, but I did not for two days, and anyone who knows me also know I am very OCD about vacuuming, I do it at least once a day. So for me to not do that should clue you in on just how lethargic I am feeling lol.

I am sure this non stop downpour of rain is not helping matters either. It has not been sunny since Sunday ( heh ) and it is taking it's toll on my moods. It was so bad here yesterday I kept Alex home from school. It was raining when we woke and conditions quickly deteriorated as the day progressed, and at the time I would have had to walk down to get her off the bus after school it was thundering and lightning and just pouring. No way was I taking her out in weather like that!

So yesterday I did nothing but play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on my PS3 and cooked dinner and did the dishes. Thats IT. Today is a similar feeling day, but if I do not fold those clothes we will have to go naked lol.

In other news, the garden is coming along nicely, almost everything is sprouted and thriving thank goodness.

I am currently sitting here trying to come up with a menu plan to help me grocery shop more efficiently and better handle the soaring food costs here, but I SUCK at menu planning. I am a " What do I feel like cooking today?" type of person, not a " Okay Monday is meatloaf, Tuesday is chili, Wednesday is Chicken Alfredo.." type person. I will figure it out I suppose.

Also, Mrs.B over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom is doing a "30 Days of Advocacy Against Witch Hunts" and has created a donation page at Just Giving to help Stepping Stones Nigeria in their battle to help children in the Niger Delta to stop being tortured and killed over accusations of being witches and wizards. I donated this morning, and if you would like to help, just click HERE and donate. Every dollar helps!

For more information on what else you can do to help, head over to Mrs. B's page and read her posts about the subject.

That sums up my week so far. Now to drag myself out of this chair and get that laundry folded. *Sighs*


Anonymous said...

I am crazy OCD about vacuuming and having a clean house too. I literally just said to The Husband this morning "I'm over this housework shit". Physically I'm tired of it, but mentally is a whole other story. I have reduced my vacuuming to every other day (sometimes) since we're down to 1 dog now.

The weather will clear and you'll be back to yourself soon.

Meganne said...

Meal planning is hard! But it saves us about $50 in groceries every week, and a lot of pain when it comes to making dinner. It gets easier over time as long as you are not me, who gets so tired of eating the same thing over and over again that thinking about a certain dish makes you a little sick to your stomach.

Two things I've learned...

1. Ask someone else for help. By letting someone else pick at least one meal they'd like for the week out, you have a jumping board to start with. If my fiance's choice needs a certain ingredient, but not much of it, I find another way to use it in a different meal. Or, in the case of vegetables, I buy just a little extra because it's inevitable that I've got leftover unused vegetables.

2. For an easy fix, the Saving Dinner recipe books are great. They lay out seasonal meal plans broken down in weeks. I don't use it nearly as much as I used to, but I pull out the vegetarian one from time-to-time on Thursdays when I meal plan.