Saturday, June 11, 2011

Late night randomness..

He is showing and telling you what he needs, and you are brushing him off. Stop it. We know how well that worked out last time.

Remember the card. New directions. The signs are there. Heed them.

If you are tired of moving it around, throw it away or give it away.

Clean out your pantries.

Get started on that garden journal.

Flower painting tomorrow, you promised this time.

Simple can still be good. Simple is aesthetically pleasing to you. Remember? 

Those two cabinets over the coffee pot? Yeah, do something about that before you brain yourself.

Enjoy the weekend, Monday you need to get back to it. You will have the free time now...

Go look in the mirror and say " I love you" to yourself. Smile. Mean it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Luna Raven said...

Look yourself in the eye while at the mirror and don't forget you would totally date yourself if only your could, because you are that freaking awesome!

Unknown said...

Yup, definitely in love with you lolol...