Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTFE Wednesday: The Return

The return to what you ask?

The return to my "normal" self!

After a long month of feeling empty for no good reason, a couple of nights ago everything finally turned back around thank the gods and goddesses!

It was pretty surreal. I was sitting here talking to Perth late in the night and all of the sudden this feeling washed over me. I felt high and happy, and if I closed my eyes the world spun. Now before you ask me wtf I was smoking, it was nothing, I swear lol. I sat here trying to talk to Perth and enjoy the feeling but it got even more intense and I felt like I needed to lay down. 

Now some folks believe in Astral Travel and some do not, but those that do and know the feeling might understand what I am about to describe. I felt detached and I was here but somewhere else at the same time. Everything felt more pronounced, but hazy at the same time. I shut everything down and made my way to my bed and laid down, falling asleep in seconds, which is impossible for me, it takes me at least an hour to go to sleep even if I am dead tired. I had some of the most vivid dreams I have ever had, and while I can only remember bits and pieces of them, suffice to say they were not any thing like my usual dreams. I have not felt like that in almost a decade, which is the last time I am aware that I traveled.

I woke up the next day feeling rested and happy and whole again, and the last two days I have felt great. Happy, almost bubbly, laughing, talkative, excited and filled with ideas and creativity. That horrible void I have had for the past month was filled and I was myself again. I felt "connected" again.

Feeling as sad and lost as I did, and not knowing what was triggering it, was really eating away at me. I still have no idea was caused me to "fall" but I am sure glad it is over. I like to think that some part of my mind finally said "ENOUGH of this shit!" and went to go find the parts of me that had run off into the night. All I know is that I am glad they are back.

Enough of the doom and gloom for a while, please and thank you.

Things have steadily improved both inside and out, and I hope it continues to climb and climb.

SO now maybe we can get some happy posts going up in here instead of that depressed shit that spewed from my mind. It sucks when you are tired of yourself!

So, onward and upward. 

Let's fly baby!


Anonymous said...

YAY she is back woohoo I am so happy for you baby girl!!! Fly high baby fly high!!!

Luna Raven said...

I think sometimes we just need the void. I agree that it sucks, because feeling empty and lost is uncomfortable to say the least.

I think we gain something from it too, we appreciate ourselves more, we remember to feel more, to appreciate the little things we might have been ignoring.

I look forward to seeing of magical, happy, floaty, witchy you!