Friday, June 08, 2012


Update on my father: He is suffering from oxygen deprivation hallucinations, and while he is holding, if it were not for a massive amount of straight oxygen he would not be with us. Hospice has been consulted, as he would prefer to pass at home, but as it is now, he would not even survive the transport home. He is on a liquid diet from here on out, as even the 5 seconds he breaks the seal on that oxygen mask to take a sip of drink causes his breathing to tank to life threatening levels. They are taking great care of him, and they are making him comfortable. The cold and honest truth is, it is a waiting game. He will pass soon, we know that, but when is the question. So all our ducks are in a row and we are just waiting. Prayers for his comfort, and ease of passing would be most appreciated, and if you could spare some for my Mother and my children, I would be very thankful.

That was my Facebook status a little while ago. That is pretty much all there is to say right now....

My Dad...Christmas 2011

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you...Prayers to your mom and you and your children. My the God and Goddess be with you and help ease his passing.