Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blog work ahead!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and let everyone know that new posts and a few changes are coming soon. Tomorrow I will be writing, and doing some clean up work on my "Blogs I love" page, as there are a lot of broken links and now defunct blogs on there. I also have several buttons to add to that list, so once I get it all cleaned up, you should check it out, there are some great blogs on there ( or will be there, as the case may be. )

I want to add some other things, and I have some work to do over on Planet Buddha as well. It has been a crazy and hectic week, and I have a lot to write about.

I am also going to be adding a Foodie Friday segment, although I admit it is hard for me to wait a whole week to post my recipes lol. I hope you all enjoy them!

So that it is for now, just wanted to touch base and let you all know I am still alive, I have just been a little busy!

Be on the lookout for the new stuff!

Until then, may your days and nights be smooth sailing!

1 comment:

TantraWave said...

I sure relate to this, I'm so swamped with this and that! :) Looking forward Bella, and of course please take your time. I hope it hasn't been too sweltering this summer!