Thursday, July 19, 2012

Idle Worship

No, it is not a religious post, sorry. It is about this game I play on Facebook, and totally love.

Yes, I know, there are Facebook haters out there. " Time waster, OMG they have horrible privacy policies, my husband/wife cheat on me with Facebook, they run their servers off of newborn baby souls...etc."

Whatever. I don't really care. I am a blogger, my life is not private, and anything I post on Facebook I would tell you or show you to your face, I am not in the closet about my bisexuality, the fact that I am considered a Pagan, or anything else, even while living in a heavily Christian community. I do not hide from my bat shit crazy family, or any of that crap. This is me. I curse, I am not politically correct, and I am blunt. What you see is what you get. So Facebook is fine with me.

*Ahem*  ANYWAY.

There is this game on there called Idle Worship, and I love it. It is one of the few games on FB that I do not have to invite 4856769 friends to play, or send me shit, or click on anything to help me out. If I had ZERO FB friends I could still fully play the game all by myself. In fact, it is the only game I even play on FB anymore.

The point of the game is basically you are god, and you create Mudlings, which are your followers, and you run their little lives for them. You do not have to plant a single damn thing, or cook anything, or raise animals. You do have to build stuff, like huts and defense and money making stuff, but those are cool and worth it. This is a game where giving someone a case of the crabs is a good thing, and being peed on in a double rainbow by a dog crossed with a seal is most assuredly a bad thing. You can bless or curse them, with cool and often hilarious powers. You can build altars and worship others, which gives them ( or you, if someone builds YOU an altar ) energy. ( They do not even have to be on your friends list, they have things called regions, and you can fully interact with them without ever having to send a friend request. ) You can put Prophets ( good guys who are mutually beneficial to both you and whomever's island you put them on ) and Converts ( Technically bad guys who are only good for you, it is a bad thing for whomever's island you have them on ) on other people's islands. You can be good, or evil, or neutral. You can zap someone with lightning to curse them, or place a nice fluffy bunny on the island to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy. You can erect a massive idol on your island, and have some of your followers worship it to give you energy to carry out your tasks. You can create sea monsters and obliterate someone's island. You can sacrifice a Mudling to the volcano, or toss them into the sea as an offering. You can even make baby Mudlings.

It is a really fun and addictive game, and I play on both of my accounts. The only bad thing I have to say about the game is that after your initial starting out bank roll is gone, it does take some effort to keep money coming in to be able to buy the stuff you need to build, but if you buy money generating things right out of the gate, then it will not be a problem. Unfortunately I did not realize this should have been part of my game playing strategy until it was to late.

I do spend a lot of time in the game, because it is fun, and I do not play any of the Zynga Shitville games or anything like that. I hate games that rely on having to have friends help you and send you shit or you can not play the game. So for that alone, Idle Worship got big bonus points in my book.

The bottom line is, Idle Worship is a really fun game to play and totally worth spending some time on, in between refreshing your news feed to see if any more cute kitty pics have been posted in the last 2 minutes.

So check it out, hopefully you will like it as much as I do. If you don't...well someone will post another kitty in a few minutes ;)

Later folks!

Here is the trailer for the game!

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greekwitch said...

I do not have an fb account, but only because it does n't seem interesting and i just hate the sex hungry people lurking in desperation that i may come across. But i have considered many times creating one. Never found a motive. This sounds an awesome game! Brightest blessings!