Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another day of rest. NaBloWriMo Day 17

Today Alex stayed home from school, as she was not feeling well yesterday, so I decided to keep her home for the day, which also meant we got to sleep in. I did not get up until 1 this afternoon, so obviously I was tired, but that sort of messes me up since I have to go to bed in a couple of hours and I am not tired yet lol.

Jack cooked dinner and did the first round of dishes from breakfast and lunch, so my dinner clean up was easy. I did a little writing but that is pretty much it. Not a bad day overall.

Alex is out of school Friday for a teachers planning day, so tomorrow starts a long weekend, and I am looking forward to it. Things have been so crazy the rest will be nice. We are supposed to go to a wedding Saturday, but Jack has been having a hard time getting around, and it is at a lighthouse, with lots of walking, so we might not make it. Sunday is Alex's birthday celebration at my Mom's. She got her a few presents and is making her a pumpkin shaped cake, along with making her favorite meal, potato soup, so that should be fun.

Not much else going on around here, which is a good thing. This week has been pretty calm and I am thankful for that. I hope the trend continues.

Tomorrow I am going to just chill out and do some writing, and maybe a little dusting and running the vac, but that is all I have intentions of doing.

So there.

I am out of here for the night folks. See ya tomorrow!

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