Saturday, October 06, 2012

Stop Shoutin', I'm Nappin'!! NaBloWriMo Day 6

*Bonus points to anyone who knows what the title of this post is from :D )

It is a lazy yet hectic day here. Hectic in terms of everything seems wild and crazy around here today, I am constantly up and down ( hence me just now getting to my post ) and the energy is just wonky. Not bad..just frazzled feeling. Lazy in terms of my brain is elsewhere. Detached. Not here.

I slept from 1 am to 10:30 am and it was wonderful. I was up about 20 hours prior, and I was out like a light when I went to bed. I did not get up a single time, which is very abnormal for me.

I have been in my night clothes all day *bliss* and it has been great.

My brain is just not wanting to function with anything heavy or important. I am mentally vegetating and I am loving it.

So today's post is not long or heavy or about anything important.

I just did not want to miss a day in the NaBloWriMo challenge lol.

So I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far and I will be back tomorrow!


Perthro Pathfinder said...

It's Spongebob! lol

Seriously though, I'm glad you got some sleep, it certainly felt like the day for it......looking forward to the rest of your NaBloWriMo posts, you are an inspiration to me, and a lot of other people in the world, keep it up!

Alexis Kennedy said...

That's my Siren!! ;) Hugs and love, Bella! Hope today you get to veg some more!