Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday: Thankful Edition

I am finally doing another Ten Things Thursday post yay!

After a rough month, I feel the need to remind myself that I have things to be be grateful for, so here are ten things I am thankful for.

1. Family:

Due to contracting a terrible cold from Alex, we were unable to attend Thanksgiving at my mother's house. I was very unhappy, but my Mom was understanding and even brought us each a big plate of yummy food, so we would not miss out on dinner. That was very sweet and I am very grateful that she did that.

2. Friends:

I am lucky enough to have friends who are my chosen family. I know a lot of really awesome people who make my life richer simply by being in it. They help me through the bad times and celebrate the good times with me.

3. Juliet:

Juliet is the niece of my heart that I was lucky enough to watch come in to this world. ( I still have a blog post to write about all of that, and I think I am finally ready to do so.. ) It was one of the most profound moments I have had in my entire life, and it changed me, and that precious little girl healed a huge hole in my heart. My soul is forever connected to that little darling.

4. The basics:

We do not have much these days, but we have a roof over our heads, food in the cabinets, and we have heat in the Winter and air in the Summer. So many do not have even that, and I am very thankful that our basic needs are being met.

5. Jack:

We have had our share of butting heads over the last few months, but there is no one else in the world I want to be with. He has my heart and soul...even if I want to smack him over the head with something every now and then.

6.  Health:

Alex and I were really sick last week, to the point we considered taking her to the hospital more than once. Luckily she ( and I as well ) is healing and is pretty much back to her normal self. Alex has been sick 3 times in all of her 8 years, and this time was the worst. I admit it scared me. I am very thankful that she is on the mend and acting like her old self again.

7. Cooler Weather:

The weather has been really nice. Very cool at night and slightly cool to comfortable during the day. This is my favorite time of year.

8. Day time TV: 

I know that sounds dumb, and I am not talking about soap operas or anything, but there are some great shows I love; like Rachel and The Chew, which are about crafting and cooking, and I watch the Create channel a lot, which is also about crafting, food, and travel. I have learned a lot from these shows, and it makes me happy and content to watch them. Which is great, considering we do not  have cable or anything.

9. The Internet:

Since in these tough financial times, my internet is not exactly a guarantee these days, and I am very thankful for each day I have the net. It is how I talk to the people most important to me, it is how I learn, it is how I write, and it is what keeps me sane.

10. All of you:

I am so very glad that you are all here, reading what I have to say. You all understand that sometimes life gets in the way of writing, and at various times so many of you have shown me such a huge amount of support, and that means the world to me. Some of my closest friends are in my life because of this blog, and I am forever grateful for that.  I love you all, and I hope you stick around!

So there you have it. A small list of what I am thankful for these days. What are you thankful for?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a new Foodie Friday segment!

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TantraWave said...

What a beautiful post. Grateful for you Bella <3