Saturday, January 05, 2013

Sort of a sleepy Saturday

Not much going on today here in the House of Wolf. I made an executive decision to not do any more major cleaning or rearranging as long as all three of us are here in the house. It is kind of like seeing a tornado coming at you, and hurrying to clean the house before the tornado obliterates it. Pointless and an effort in futility.

So I just ran the vac and dusted, and then called it a day. Alex goes back to school Tuesday, so I will start again then.

It had been raining and chilly the last few days, and while normally I welcome the rain, it is driving me nuts right now. My shoulder and ankle are letting me know in no uncertain terms that it is raining, and I can not seem to get warm. Hot showers, hot beverages, activity and even blankets are not helping. It might be my anemia...I have not eaten yet today so that is probably not helping matters.

Anyway, I am going to be hunting for a new layout soon, as the holidays are finally over, thank goodness. So excuse my dust as I make a few changes!

What are you guys and gals up to this weekend?


Stephanie said...

Didn't do much my self. Went to Walmart to get a new vacuum and then came home and tested it real quick and then we ordered some sandwhiches and are watching the playoffs. :) Oh and getting my blog redone. Plus did some blogging.

Faery Chaos said...

We didn't a whole lot either. Went to a New Age shop to get some incense though, picked up a pretty fossil for the kid. Had Thai and did a lot of laundry!