Friday, March 01, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review and a special offer for you!

*This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are my own. I was compensated with a free pair of glasses.*

Hello everyone! History is  being  made here on the blog, and the! I am posting my first ever video! This is mildly terrifying, as this is the only time I have appeared in a video online. ( To my knowledge anyway! )

The reason I am doing this is to give my review of the awesome eyeglasses I received from Firmoo, the Global Online Optical Store!

Here is a little info on the company, based in Jamaica, ( which is why the wording seems a bit awkward at times ) that I snagged from their home page:

"Our Aim - Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way

Vision - An ideal pair of prescription glasses as a half medical tool to correct vision should be made up of a quality frame and lenses with accurate prescription. We promise all our eyeglasses frames are of high quality. Besides, all eyewear provided by us goes through strict inspection by our experienced opticians before shipping to ensure the accuracy of lens prescription. That's why we keep the lowest return and exchange rate among all online optical stores worldwide.

Fashion - We offer classic and fashion glasses frames for you to choose from. All of these frames which are quite popular in the world are elaborately picked by our staff from thousands of frames in the market.

Frugal way - Our prescription eyeglasses are inexpensive even though with high quality, therefore, everyone can afford it."

In exchange for receiving a pair of glasses, I was asked to post some photos and give my honest opinion of my glasses. If I post a video, then I get to offer you all a great deal on glasses of your own! So I swallowed my terror and the first Tales of the Wolf Queen Vlog was created!

I would love for you all to watch the video, but for those on a limited bandwidth plan I have also included the basic transcript for you. So watch the vid, or read the transcript, then scroll down to see the pics and find the links that will take you to the special offer!

Be gentle, it's my first time. *winks* ( Please keep in mind I was utterly terrified so I sound a bit rushed and short of air supply. And wow that still frame is not flattering at all! If I make more, they will be better, I promise. )

Here is the basic transcript for  those who can't or won't watch the video. I ad-libbed a bit but not much was changed.

Hi guys! Bella Foxglove here. You get to experience my first foray into making a video, which is way out of my comfort zone, because I want to tell you about my experience with Firmoo, the Global Online Optical Store and to give you a chance to take part in a special offer just for you, my readers!

The whole process was very easy, from choosing my frames and lenses,entering my prescription, all the way down to the ordering and checkout process.

The staff member I worked with was very helpful and courteous, answering any questions I had.

I ordered them late Thursday night, and  they came in the mail Tuesday, which was way sooner than I expected.

As you can see, the glasses look great, and they came with this hard protective case, a soft sleeve type case, extra screws and a little screwdriver, as well as a cleaning cloth.

My glasses have an anti-reflective and anti-radiation coating, which helps those who spend a lot of time on the computer, as I do. My eyes do not get as tired or as dry and scratchy after several hours staring at the screen, which happened often before I got the glasses.

They are lightweight and very comfortable, and I like they way they fit and look.

I have been wearing them constantly for 3 days now, other than when I am sleeping, and they fit so well I forget I even have them on most of the time.

The really great part is you guys can get a pair of glasses for just the cost of shipping, with the exception of polarized lenses, which have an an extra fee.

Those of us who have to wear glasses know what a great deal this is. In addition to normal eye wear, Firmoo also offers sunglasses, even prescription sunglasses, as well as a wide variety of other specialty glasses.

So if you need corrective lenses, a great pair of sunglasses, or just want to make a fashion statement, check out and see if they have something you like.

Be sure to click the link below to take part in the First Pair Free Program,  ( <---- There is the link.. ) which is a special offer just for you guys as a little thank you for being here!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to come back and leave me a comment if you decide to get a pair and let me know how you like them!

Also I want to give A special thank you to Firmoo for my own pair of glasses, I love them!


Okay, moving on. As I said, I got the glasses very quickly, and I love them. I forget I even have them on, that is how comfy they are. There are the frames I chose, in blue and back. Click the picture to be taken to the page they are featured on.

One thing I forgot to show in the video, was the little screwdriver and extra screws that came with them. I did take a still photo of it though. Below are a few photos I snapped.

Not bad eh?

Firmoo offers Virtual Try-On System that helps you find the right frames. You even are able to upload your own photo to try glasses virtually. It's really awesome.

Remember, by clicking on the First Pair Free program link, you can get a great pair of glasses for only the price of shipping! *Please see website for exact details*

So there you have it! My first vlog video, pics of me in my sweet new glasses, and a special offer for you, because you all rock.

As I said above, if you get a pair of glasses, be sure to come back and tell me in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Would you like to see more videos? Maybe with some practice I can make better ones ;)

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