Tuesday, August 04, 2009

10 Reasons I did not write a normal blog tonight

  1. It is still forming in my mind.
  2. Alex is driving me bonkers.
  3. The kittens won't stop using me as a tree.
  4. Facebook. Nuff said.
  5. I am getting sucked into reading all these other awesome blogs lol.
  6. I had to repaint my nails.
  7. Cramps.
  8. Sinus pressure.
  9. Alex is REALLY driving me bonkers.
  10. Finally...I am a horrible procrastinator, and you KNOW this man!!
Maybe tomorrow. It really is a pretty heavy blog to be written...and I tend to chew on them for a while before I write them. Stay tuned!


AmyK. said...

LOL....Facebook seems to suck me in constantly. Now besides talking with friends I am playing this game Bejeweled....addictive!!

Unknown said...

I waste SO many hours on FB lol...I always have a tab open no matter what else I am doing online. it is like crack or something I swear! I love Bejeweled!