Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why yes, it WAS a Happy Thanksgiving!

 Oh it was all that I hoped it would be, and even more!

First of all I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you all got to enjoy the day, no matter what you did.

Second of all, today was AWESOME!! I got woken up by the smell of cinnamon...under my nose. I opened my eyes to find Jack holding a plate of cinnamon rolls he made this morn...Hazelnut and brown sugar icing rolls to be exact and they were from scratch! I adore cinny rolls and he knows it, so he decided to try out a home made recipe and wow. I had three lol.

He had been cooking since he got up, and he had to run to the store after I got awake, and when he left I set to making an oreo cheese cake and started my eggs to boiling so I could make deviled eggs later. I also made the dressing.We had: Turkey Breast, Honey Ham, green beans and potatoes, dressing, sweet potatoes with marshmallow on top, Cajun rice, deviled eggs, jellied cranberries, and the oreo cheesecake, which we did not even eat yet lol.

Cajun Rice


Deviled Eggs


Sweet Potatoes




Ham and Turkey



I did not take pics of the cranberries or cheesecake....and I had to add that Jack did not want me to post these pics because it was just us, so he did not make it "all pretty for presentation." But between the two of us, we literally washed dishes about 10 times, and we were starving, so I snapped pics and we dug in lol. So while it may not look like much, it was absolutely divine tasting. I just finished my turkey and cranberry sandwich so I am a happy camper right now.

It was just the best day. It was relaxing, and fun, we laughed and joked and talked, cooked together, watched a few movies, and relaxed. No fighting or being pissy or anyone yelling or stressed out like it would have been with the rest of the family...I am very pleased we got to do this today. We even got to have an hour of uninterrupted adult time, thanks to Alex taking an after dinner nap!

Jack even took a couple of pics, and a couple of them turned out ok. Here is my fav, of Alex and myself...

He caught me off guard here lol..


My Sassy Girl Alex

With the wind blown hair


Remember me saying I burnt the old couch?
Here is the pic of it burning!


I think that about sums up the pics lol...

I also wanted to say thank you for the comments on my post yesterday...especially Ryan, what you said helped a lot. Sorry I scared the crap out of you lol..but I am glad to have helped. As it stands, one of the people I was referring to decided to just up and remove themselves from my life over it, but like Ryan said, sometimes you have to say what you have to say and walk away. On the other hand, sometimes you have to listen, and walk away, because that is what is best for you. I understand that, and wish those people well on their life's journey.

So now the evening is winding down, Jack's boss is on vacation this week, so usually he would use HIS vacation days and take a 4 day weekend, but as second in command, when his boss is away, he is the boss, so he has to be there, and Saturday as well..but the overtime will help a lot with Christmas coming up. He is in bed already, and so is Alex, and I am sitting here rocking out listening to the Paul McCartney concert on ABC...I am not a huge Beatles fan, but he was my fav out of the bunch, and he is singing all the songs I like!

If any of you go out in the commercialism war known as Black Friday, be safe. I would hate to hear of anyone getting trampled by the herd! I will be safe and warm here at home...eating cinny rolls and drinking coffee, and counting my blessings....

Love to you all!

*Music of the Moment: Hey Jude by Paul McCartney (Which is the song that reminds me of my Mom..Judy)*


Ryan Sutton said...

Bella, all that food looks amazing! If there's one thing I missed out on this year, it's DEVILED EGGS! I think I'll make some tomorrow. My family doesn't see it as a Thanksgiving day food, but damnit, who cares, those things are the NOM.

Also love the pictures, that's a good one of you and Alex for sure. Also just wanna say you got some seriously amazing hair kicking there, for real. =)

And glad I could help. You don't actually know how much that post helped ME out today, so I'm glad it evened out.

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! *hugs!*

Lyon said...

I'm glad it was everything that you were hoping it would be. Your feast looks amazing!!!!

You are brightly blessed, you know that, Bella? You have such a beautiful family with so much love. You inspire me. =)

Bridgett said...

Your hair is amazing! I love the color...

And your meal...wowza. For only three people, you really went all out! Good for you.

So glad you had a wonderful holiday. Makes me smile.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm following on Lyon's footsteps to tell you WOW! The grub looks yummy! And your loved ones look like a dream. I'm feeling a bit of good envy as we speak.