Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here it comes again...damn it...

I was SO hoping I could stave it off this time, but alas, it snuck up on me when I was not looking.

It is time for another downward spiral for a bit. Most of you know by now I am bi-polar, but for the most part it is pretty well under control. There are times however when the down times are a bit worse than others, and the timing sucks since yesterday was Yule and I did not one thing for it, and it is my fav holiday. Not to mention Xmas is in a few days and my kids are all stoked and I am just praying for it to all be over lol.

I am not a Scrooge about it or anything, and this time is no different than any other "dark time", it just so happens to fall on a holiday week.

So if I am antsy, more edgy and sarcastic than usual...or lethargic and kind of blah...do not hold it against me, as it will pass....

Hope you all are well, it seems pretty quiet in bloggy land these days. Everyone gearing up for the Holidays I suppose lol...

Have a great week!


Livia Indica said...

I know how you feel, my fellow crazy witch. Hang in there. I would say "it will pass" but you already know that. Here's hoping you even out soon!

Lyon said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, just take care of yourself. These things happen and you're right, it will pass. Here's to hoping you get back to feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I would never hold it against dear sister. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without guilt. If you do need to talk let me know I am told I have a great shoulder.

Sweetie I won't say you are gonna be ok, hold in there and all that stuff, you have heard it before.

I will say you are a strong, intelligent woman and you will be given the strength by the Universe to get through this time. You will come out of it even more beautiful than you already are. If you need to cocoon yourself off for a bit to allow yourself to feel then please let it happen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that it snuck up on you during this time but hopefully it won't last long and you will be able to enjoy the holidays with your children.

{{HUGS}} I will send you some positive energy and hopefully it will help you.

J. said...

Sorry that it popped up now, but hopefully it won't last long...my mother is borderline bipolar, and she sometimes has really bad periods. But they all pass.

Hugs and positive thoughts! :)


Bridgett said...

Wish I could give you a hug. What lousy timing.

But I agree with Lyon...don't be too hard on yourself. It's nothing you can control and I'm sure your family understands.

Hopefully, by now, you're feeling back to normal again.