Thursday, January 14, 2010

I think I bit off more than I can chew...

Really. I am excited about the daily posts, but the honest truth is, there are days I am just not inspired to post, and I do not want to feel forced to post, because that makes blogging a chore, and I never want to feel that way because I love to blog. So I am going to roll back the dailies to 3 days a week for now until I get used to it, and then add a day here and there as I feel more comfortable.

The last thing I want to happen is to avoid my blog and reading others blogs because I feel forced into it. I just think trying to post daily, combined with the changes I am making in my everyday life, is just a bit more than I can comfortably handle right now.

So for now, I will post daily stuff 3 days a week and see if that helps. Eventually, Thursday will be "Think About It Thursday" which is where I will write about something that make me stop and go "Hmmmmm" or would like to draw attention to something.

I might not be posting tomorrow, as it is Jack's 37th Birthday. He is actually taking the day off from work for it, which is a miracle, although I know he intends to go hunting tomorrow, especially since he did not go this last weekend because he was ill. So I am not sure how tomorrow will play out.

In other random news, as some may know, I have issues baking. I make a mean yeast bread, but making things like biscuits and sweet things like cake and brownies elude me, which causes me much frustration because I love to bake. Last night I really wanted cheddar and garlic biscuits but realized I was out of cheese, so I decided on garlic and chive drop biscuits. I did not even follow a recipe, or measure a damn thing, I threw some flour in a bowl, cut in some butter, added some milk and a ton of garlic and chives and dropped them in a greased cookie sheet and slapped them in the oven. Folks, they came out PERFECT! I only made a dozen because I was sure they would be crap like all my other attempts and the dog would end up eating them, but they did not even last all the way through dinner, they were a hit! I was so proud of myself! Then later I had to laugh at myself, because I have learned I am not a recipe cook. I read a recipe once to get an idea, and then I just "eyeball" it when I actually make it, and when I do that, it turns out great. When I try to follow a recipe exactly, it turns out nasty. Is is not supposed to be the other way around? Lol...this will now be a regular item on my dinner table!

Also, if everyone could spare some prayers, healing energy, rekki or anything else for The StagWarrior, his daughter is undergoing surgery today for an appendectomy, and he and his daughter can use some soothing and healing vibes. He wrote a short post about it here if you would like to go over and leave some words of encouragement.

I think that is all for today, and I have a floor to vacuum, so I will close for now. Have a great weekend everyone!


Mother Moon said...

I say happy birthday Jack.. and you Bella need to enjoy the time with him..... enjoy the day.... we will always be here.... 5 days 3 days... 1 day...a week

Coach Z said...

Isnt that great about the biscuits!!! You know, we suffer a lot trying to be perfect and follow the directions... it is good experience, but sometimes we just have to find our own way...even if it is the "wrong" way!! WAY TO GO!

Livia Indica said...

I understand exactly what you're saying about blogging becoming an obligation and not being fun. That's what has happened to me in recent months. I've been following so many blogs and had my own happening that it just got to be too much. I think I'm recovering from blogger burnout now but it's slow going.

Ryan Sutton said...

As soon as I say "I'm going to blog everyday" I stop posting. So I'm just trying to blog whenever the urge strikes.

Happy Birthday to Jack!

The biscuits sound AWESOME. NOM. I love baking as well, as soon as I get the kitchen clean I want to make chocolate chip pan cookies. Never done it before, but I DO love eating them. =)

Iris said...

I completly understand about daily blogging! I tried that before and it made it a chore and the quality of the posts suffered. I felt as if I let my readers down. Now I only do it when I want to, which is at least once or twice a week.

I am also not a recipe cook! Everytime I follow a recipe it turns out bad, but as you said, just read it for the idea and make it your own way! Although I usually only do this when cooking, not baking. I feel like baking is too much chemistry for me to understand, and usually follow the recipes pretty closely (although i have been known to add sugar, cinnamon or some crazy ingredient).

Hope the birthday went well, enjoy your weekend!

Rue said...

Hope Jack had a great b-day!

Those biscuits sounds yummy! I love garlic!

Don't stress about the daily blogging - it's supposed to be fun, not work. We'll happily read whenever you post!

Anonymous said...

I go through many stages of not feeling like even turning on my computer. Other times, I have so many things to say I can't shut up. I find that posting in advance works well during those times. I was offline for a week during our move, but I had some free time a day or so before and posted (in advance) a week's worth of stuff.

Bridgett said...

It doesn't matter if I bake by recipe or by eyeballing everything...I inevitably make major crap. LOL

So I'm in awe of you!

And now I'm hungry too. Thanks, Bella. LOL