Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Boy this is a bit harder than I thought! Sometimes your just not in the "mood" to post lol. But, here I am.

Whatever Wednesday means I can post whatever I choose, it could be an article, a story, a picture or whatever pretty much. I am still reeling over yesterday's monster post so today I am going to acknowledge that the wonderful Mother Moon has bestowed an award upon me, and part of the award had a "10 things that make me happy" requirement. Now if you go check out her post about it, she gave delightful answers with pictures, and you can find that here. Because I am tired tonight I will give the list, but not nearly as eloquently as she did lol...

1. My kids
2. Jack
3. My best friends
4. Blogging
5. Music
6. Time alone
7. Sleeping in
8. Glitter
9. Reading
10. Learning

Later I might add to this, or write a more in depth post about it all, but I has the brain fog tonight and really just want to go back to my book I am currently enchanted by lol..

I want to thank Mother Moon again for honoring me with this, and if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged because I love you all and would love to hear your answers, be they long or short!

Happy Hump Day folks....

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Bridgett said...

No way could I post everyday! LOL
I have too many brain farts. ;)