Monday, October 11, 2010

Week One of Walking!

Well I made it the first week!

Today marks one week since I started walking between 2 and 3 miles a day. I admit, there have been a couple of days that I did not want to go, Friday especially. For some reason I was very sore and just did not want to go. I was confused as to why I hurt on day five instead of day one or two, and I just was not feeling it. I went anyways, and felt much better when I got home.

We went to my parent's house this weekend ( which is now the norm and I love it! ) and I weighed myself on Mom's scale. ( I do not own one ) I weigh myself over there every weekend, and I have lost a little over a pound in a week. Not much, but it made me happy. What made me really happy was today, when I put my jeans on, they were a little looser than they usually are, and they were fresh from the dryer too! ( Ask any woman, jeans are tighter right out of the dryer lol! ) I kept having to hitch them up as I walked this morning, much to my delight.

I have been utilizing portion control, and eating snacks ( under 100 calories, I went shopping for low fat, low calorie stuff Saturday night..) a few times a day, which I have learned that is what people with slow ( or damn near nonexistent in my case! ) metabolisms need to do. I did not walk formally Saturday, but by the time I got through walking around at Mom's, and then walking all over Wal -Mart for 2 hours, I got an extra mile in according to my pedometer. Yay!

Sunday was "cheat day" but I hate calling it that. I am not cheating, I am consciously taking one day a week to eat what I want and enjoy myself. We grilled out steaks that night, had baked potatoes and green beans. I did notice that I could not eat as much as I could before I started this endeavor, which pleased me.

Tonight I am making chicken stir fry, and I have my three bean chili in the crock pot so we can have it tomorrow. Jack will be home late tomorrow so a one dish meal which can be eaten whenever he gets home seemed like the thing to do.

Normally I walk down the long dirt road adjacent to my road, but it is like walking through sand dunes at some points in the road, they have not graded it in forever, and it was causing me a lot pf pain in the arches of my feet, which was not helping me get motivated, since I knew I was going to be in pain halfway through it. So today I walked down the highway instead. I live on a back road anyway, and there is not a lot of traffic down the paved road. It was better for my arches, but I felt the burn in my calves more, which I can deal with.

I was talking to Mom and she said one of her co-workers is also walking to lose weight. She weighed about 220, and she has been walking three miles a day for just under two months, and she has lost almost 30 pounds. That was exactly the encouragement I needed to hear let me tell you!

I am proud of myself, for sticking with it. I know it has only been a week, but in the past, after a couple of days, I would have started finding excuses not to go. I am doing my best not to sabotage myself this time. It takes kicking myself in the ass some days, but I am doing it.

I have found that since I have been walking, I am super pumped up with energy when I get back, and it has really got me in the mood to start on those house projects I have been putting off. I was going to tackle Alex's room today but this is one of those creative days, I want to cook and blog and do fun stuff, and I have learned that in order to be happy, I have to allow myself to do these things when the mood and inspiration strikes, instead of hoping it will be there later after my chores are done. SO I made the living areas presentable and did a quick pick up in my room and closed Alex's door LOL. It will still be there tomorrow!

So I guess that sums it up for now. I am sticking with it, even if I have to drag myself kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!


Tea Witch said...

Congrats to you!!! What a wonderful way to start the week...pretty soon you'll have to go clothes shopping :)

I mentioned you in my blog the other day (I was inspired by a previous post of yours). If you have time (and the desire) please check it out....

You're awesome by the way.

Anonymous said...

That is great news. I am in the process of walking also to lose weight.


Judy said...

You're doing great!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new challenge. I also have accepted that challenge and it is a hard slog and Yes, you do have to kick yourself in the butt occasionally - but when your clothes start feeling better on you and you can actually feel better - it is a great bonus. I am doing it slowly too - I think it stays off longer if you do it that way :o)))
Keep up the good work :o))