Saturday, December 04, 2010

30 Days of Truth : Day 25

Day 25 :  The reason you believe you're still alive today...

Yes I know I skipped Day 24, which was something about making a play list for someone and explain why you chose the songs. I thought about that one for a while and I really could not think of anyone I wanted to dedicate a whole playlist to, sorry lol.

So onward to day 25.

I think I am still alive, despite almost getting killed in a car wreck, and despite living a reckless lifestyle, because I have a higher purpose. I have Alex to raise, and even though the everyday work I do in my house, and the things I do for my friends and family may not be glamorous or make me famous, they serve a higher purpose in my life and the people around me. Babies to raise, parents to help, friends to offer advice and insight to, blogs to write, worlds to change.

 I am blessed in the fact that I have some sort of Guardian Angel or Being that has kept me tethered to this life, despite my best efforts to get out of it.

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