Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Fever

I did not get up early to catch the wedding, in fact I forgot all about it until I awoke and Jack had our usual local news channel on, and instead of the news the Royal Wedding was broadcasting. I came into it right at the end of the ceremony, where they received prayers from the clergy, and when the brother in law gave a speech.

Suddenly I found myself riveted, and I rushed Alex to the bus stop as the people filed into the palace circle, afraid I would miss the kiss. Luckily I did not. Kate looked stunning, elegant and classic, her dress was gorgeous, and while it was a bit solemn in the Abby, once out if it every one was all smiles, and her face lit up like a bright jewel.

I was one of the people who were annoyed by all the hoopla, but as I watched, and my heart swelled, I realized that even if you do not buy into the hoopla the royal wedding has created, think of this: The Universe really needed the outpouring of love and happiness and joy that this occasion has brought to the world today. In a world so very troubled, the joy of today will send ripples across the cosmos, and that is an amazing thing. 

What I would give to go over and touch the ancient walls of history. To stand in the place where so much history was made.

I know that where ever Lady Di is, she is watching over her son this day, beaming with pride and love, and the thought of that brings tears to my eyes.

I went from being indifferent to being totally immersed and full of joy, and I hope they have an long and happy life together.

P.S. I almost missed Elton John in the crown, he looks so "normal" lol...


Judy said...

I awoke at 2:22 this morning, yet forgot to turn on the TV and watch...a piece of history that I'll see in reruns...I also wish them all the happiness they can muster...

Tamara said...

lol i did the same thing! I was annoyed by all the hoopla and wasn't going to watch then. But....then...i turned on Fox News and there it was and I got sucked right in. She looked so beautiful and there was so much excitement I couldn't help myself. lol

Meganne said...

I was quietly all for the hoopla, but I was raised by a royal family fanatic. It sort of spread.

And thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been trying to explain to a few people in my life why it was so important. You summed it up better than me, who just kept saying "Yes, but I like happy stories in the world, too."