Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday ramblings...

It has been an interesting day.

Alex and I ran errands this morning; paid the light bill, ran to the store for some groceries and a birthday present for Stephanie's 10 year old daughter Destiny, and later went to the birthday party.

We had a good time, it was nice to be part of the festivities, and Destiny really liked her gifts. ( We got her an art kit, a frisbee and some type of fragrance that smelled age appropriate lol. ) Alex had a good time and I enjoyed the adult conversation!

Later after we came home, I made homemade sloppy joes and french fries, and after Alex finished eating and went to bed we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Old movie I know, but we had never seen it, and I thought it was hilarious. I am a huge Russell Brand fan.

I did not see much of Jack today. He was supposed to go fishing with my Dad this morning, but Dad was not feeling well this morning, which was lucky I guess, because not long after Jack did not feel so hot himself. He was asleep when we got back from the store, he said he had a headache. Alex and I left not long after that, and were gone for 3 hours, but he was feeling better when we returned home from the party. Good enough to eat and watch a movie anyway lol. He is already back in bed. Hopefully he feels better tomorrow.

The race is on tomorrow so we will be watching that and having some snacks. Other than that I have nothing planned, so hopefully it will be a stress free and relaxing day. The mood here in the house has been wonky the last week, Jack and I both have been a bit...over sensitive shall we say? Alex has been a bit difficult the last week as well, so Monday I plan to deep clean and sage the house. I never got around to it last week as I was hit with a case of the "I don't give a crap/slack ass disease." I think I need to start taking my vitamins again. I will forget for a few weeks and then I start to feel run down, and then I remember to take them for a few weeks and start the whole process over again lol.

I guess that is about it for now. Nothing much else going on. All the rain we had really perked the garden up, so that is a good thing. I will take some pics soon :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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