Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Into the Dark

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks...
Trapped in the shadow of the sun, longing for true Night.
Lost in the corridors of my mind, looking for the door to freedom.
Long tunnels with smooth walls. Lights harsh and bright, blinding me.
Light does not always mean illumination.

Around and around in circles I went, praying for tears with which to weep.
Praying for a voice with which to scream.
Praying for a soul with which to smile.

The stench of old blood filled my nostrils.
Phantom pain like ghosts in the night.

Neon graffiti flashed it's mocking words at me.  




Once comfortable within the silence of my mind. I longed for the whispers in the dark.
The dark need not be lonely, for there are creatures of the shadows all around.

In the distance a pinprick of purple catches my eye.
Moving slowly, fingers tracing along the wall.
Hazy purple light grows brighter, until there is a fog of it.

A door in the mist, my hand reaching to the handle.....
End of the tunnel, door to a familiar place.

A place of wonder.
A place of happiness.
A place of the Moon.



The Computer Connoisseur said...

This is so beautiful, and really sums up I believe how you've felt for the past month or so. I'm glad you found your way out, and are feeling like yourself again.

Love ya! <3

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful Bella.
I am happy you found a way out. Good for you.