Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Well it did not fall off!

My foot that is. I went to the doctor yesterday and the good news is that my incisions are not infected. The bad (ish) news is that my body is rejecting the internal sutures and I am having a mild allergic reaction to them. They are actually working their way out of my body, which the doctor pointed out. Little white threads which I thought were pieces of dried skin ( you peel like crazy once you get out of a cast ) and he told me that there was not a thing they could do about it but to watch it and make sure I do not develop a fever and to make sure the incisions do not reopen, but since I am 7 weeks post op that is not likely to happen he said. He told me I could take tweezers and pluck the ones poking out of my leg out, which made me panic, but after getting home and working myself over about it I plucked it out with no problem and the relief was immediate. The others are flush with the skin still and located in the incision so I am not touching those yet until they work themselves out more.

He was very pleased that I was walking without crutches and told me I was looking great, even with my incisions looking as they did. I have to go back on the 31st and he told me as well as I was doing he totally expected me to walk out of his office with no boot on when I leave. He cleared me to take the boot off when ever I want, including to sleep, as long as I did not try to walk without the boot. So at least I can take it off when the pressure gets to be to much, as everything touching the skin is painful to my leg.

That is about it for tonight, I am about to go get this boot off and watch Ave Ventura 2 on TV! Have a great night folks!


Trisha said...

I've got Ace Ventura / Ace Ventura II on DVD - we watched the first one recently and now the man is insistent we get onto the second. Hehe. I love Jim Carrey in those movies.

Sorry about your body's reaction to the sutures! I'm going to have sutures soon...on my forehead! Won't look pretty, but oh well.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I hope your body and the meds begin to get along soon, hun!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not having an infection. Speedy recovery, that is what I want for you!

AAAAyayayayayayayaallllllllllrightythen! ;)

Judy said...

Yikes!! Nothing like removing internal stitches ... Glad you're healing well...