Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

That is what I am folks. I swear for a month straight we have done nothing but run and clean and be on the go.

The house is getting a serious makeover. Since after Jack has back surgery, he will be out of commission for six  months to a year, we are trying to get everything we have been putting off for years done before he goes under the knife.

We painted our bedroom, that pretty sapphire blue I mentioned. We got a new headboard from a thrift store, love it, it is gorgeous. We got two chest of drawers for our bedroom, one of which Perth helped us put together right before he moved out. We got a flat screen TV from the pawn shop and wall mounted it in the bedroom, because when Jack gets home from the hospital he will be flat of his back most of the time. We bought some of those Space Bags, the ones you see on TV...from Wal-Mart, not really expecting them to be as awesome as they look on the television, but they are in fact, just as cool. We put 3 massive comforters, 2 sheet sets and like 5 blankets in the jumbo bag. Sucked it down to nothing. Slid it right under our bed. I am going to take the others and clean out the closets of stuff we do not wear often but do not want to get rid of.

We have done a lot of purging and we are still not done yet. We have given a ton of stuff as donations to the same thrift store I got my headboard at. We also got Alex a desk and chair from there, so now she has a place to draw and write and do her homework. I got her a new sheet set and comforter, and a hot pink throw rug. Her room is all Hello Kitty stuff now, so she is happy.

We got a new surround sound system for the living room, and put the one we had in the bedroom. Yesterday we installed new carpet in my living room. It looks so amazing, and it is so soft and clean. However it was exhausting to move all our heavy furniture around, rip out the old carpet, and put the new in lol. Especially when it is just Jack and I, and we are both far from being able to just run through things like we used to. Limpy and Gimpy, respectively lol.

Jack repainted the range hood over my stove. It was looking rough, and now it is bright white. We still have to go get the remaining tile to finish the kitchen/laundry room/bathroom floors but there is not much of that left to do. Today we are going to move the "Office" around, which is the dining room half of my kitchen where my desk and the microwave and the food pantry is. I am going to put my desk back where I had it before I got THIS desk, so it will flow better. The way it is now is fine for the desk but where the micro and the pantry is, it sucks. So we are going to move that. Of course the desk weighs like 300 pounds so this will be fun lol. There is trim to be painted and walls to be retouched and some to be painted a new color. The doors and door casings are all getting a fresh coat of white paint over the next couple of days, and I am going to week through my kitchen and toss some things ( well, donate them to the thrift store ) and move around the rest, try to make it better and more practical for me.

Pretty much it is a massive Spring Cleaning session at the end of winter. We got new light fixtures for the house, very nice. We are doing things we always meant to do, but never had time or money to do them. So this time, since we have the time, we did not do a lot of fun stuff for income tax this year, we spent it on stuff for the house, and stuff to make our lives easier and more functional. You know what amuses me the most about that? Other than the fact that we are sore and exhausted all the time, it has been just as much fun as going on vacation has been in the past lol.

Better days have to get here eventually, right?

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day for those who enjoy this day. We love each other every day, and show it, so neither of us are very big on V Day lol. But for those of you who do, I hope you have a great day filled with love, no matter if you are attached or not.

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Anonymous said...

First of all Happy Valentines Day to your family!!
Second it sounds wonderful what you are doing, I cannot wait to see pictures of it all when you are done.
I understand busy busy busy trust me.
I know you will get it all done in time for Jack's surgery, give the big lug a hug for me. Tell him to hug you back for me.