Sunday, February 19, 2012


So let me start off by saying thank you to the people who commented on my blog post yesterday. They meant so much to me, and I went to bed last night feeling loved and happy and I realized that every thing was going to be okay. I felt like a 400 pound weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and it was so nice to feel the way I did. Funny how you do not realize something is bothering you as much as it is until you shine some light on it. So thank you!

I woke up a little late this morning, with a migraine brewing. Got up, took some meds and waited for the storm to pass. Once it did, I got to work. Painted the ceiling in the living room, figured out what to do with my books that were taking over my entertainment center, painted more of the laundry area, and Jack and I put up some shelves in our bedroom. Nothing crazy today, just steady work.

Tomorrow is Jack's consult with the surgeon about his back with his doctor. I hope that goes well. Jack is doing his best not to show how worried he is, but knowing him like I do, he might as well have a flashing neon sign over his head, bless his heart. The not knowing is what is killing him. As soon as they told us who his surgeon would be, who happens to be one of the best back surgeons in Florida, I knew right away there was no chance he was not going to have surgery. I have known this doctor for 20 years; my Father and several friends and relatives have had the same doctor for their back issues, and he is not the " Oh let me just watch you and give you medicine and see how it goes" type of doctor. He is a very busy doctor and if you get him, then it means he is going to slice you open. So I have been better prepared for all this, while Jack, who has never had surgery, is still hoping they can fix him without cutting him open. I wish I could pretend that was the case, but unfortunately I know better. However, I know for a fact how awesome the doctor IS, so I am not overly worried. He will do everything in his power to fix Jack, so I am confident at this point. We will know more tomorrow.

Also while we are out tomorrow, we have to drop some things off at the thrift store I have mentioned. I cleaned out more of my kitchen cabinet and drawers, and I have a box of things to take on our way in to town. We are also going to stop by Lowes and get the last box of tile we need so we can finish the laundry area/back door part of the house, and we need about 8 more individual tiles for the bathroom. ( I LOVE the fact that Lowes has the individual tiles for sale, so we do not have to spend a ton of money for more tile than we need. ) It is slow going, but it is coming together and it is looking great. I am taking pictures here and there along the way, but I am going to post them when it is all done.

I have decided that next week some time, I am going to change the name of this blog. I am mulling over new names right now, and when I find the right one I will change it over. I tossed the idea around about making a totally new blog, separate from this one, but I really do not want to do that. A ton of my life is here, and while I have changed in so many ways, I still know where I come from, and there are things I do not want to lose. So I will just keep this one and revamp it so to speak. I am excited, and as you can see I have already begun to blog more often.

There are still more changes to come in my life. There is still Jack's issues to contend with, and that person I mentioned who has a disease is just beginning part of a hard journey, one of which I will be very involved in, and there is a chance I may go back to work part-time if Jack will be out of commission for a long time. The job is open and waiting for me, at the same place Jack works. His boss is also his friend and while we can afford to pay our bills on the workers comp pay, there is not a lot of breathing room. So his boss said if we needed to then he would put me to work in dispatch part time so we can have some extra money, which is awesome.

Basically I am done hiding in my cave again. I have to withdraw from time to time, I know this about myself and it is something I deal with. That phase is coming to an end thank goodness and so I am reaching out again, to those who want to interact with me. The ones that don't...well...I guess if they are supposed to be in my life then they will be there, right? I do not have the time to play mind games and crap anymore.

So here is to progress, and to changes!

Later folks!

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