Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer winds down to a close...

Good Monday Morning my lovlies! I hope your week is getting off to a great start!

Summer vacation is winding down to a close here in the House of Wolf, and I am glad for it. It has been a long and difficult Summer, and Alex has not had the best of vacations, as we did not get to do anything due to Jack being hurt, my Dad dying, and just general crap. I know she is anxious to get back to her friends and have some fun, and I am ready for her to have that as well, in addition to the relative peace and quiet I will have here.

I am looking forward to writing more here, and over at Planet Buddha, now that I will have more time to devote to it.

Tomorrow is Alex's open house, and they start school on Thursday, for half a day, with a full day Friday, which I find ridiculous. I never understood why the kids just can't go back on a Monday and be done with it.  I guess they are trying to ease the kids back in to it. But yeah, we are ready.

No new developments with Jack yet. Still no second surgery approval, and we have contacted a lawyer. I am not really allowed to talk about it anymore, due to insurance companies having people troll the internet looking for things to use against people when they get a lawyer, so until all that is over, I will not be mentioning it much. There is no change, he is not improving, as he has not had surgery, so I will leave it at that.

I am doing better myself. I have actually had a few days where I have not thought of my Dad at all, not the sad parts anyway. I still tell him goodnight and kiss his little container of bone dust before I go to bed, but I will probably do that for the rest of my life. There are not really any tears anymore. So healing is taking place.

Nothing else is really happening here at home, things are in a holding pattern until school starts, so we are just hanging around for these last few days until school routine becomes the norm again. Last night was the OFFICIAL start of Operation Bedtime, as all attempts last week died a fiery death, so I said to hell with it, I will start Sunday. Which we did. Of course, the bedtime is more for ME, since I have the issues dragging my ass out of bed that early in the morning. I am not so much worried about Alex, once school starts she will be tired and go to bed on time, just like always. Kids are very adaptive that way lol.

I got up at 8 this morning, although I was awake at 7, I was just enjoying the lounging in bed feeling, I do not get that often. All Summer it has been up all night, sleep most of the day and jump out of bed as soon as my eyes open because it is so late. So it was nice to lounge a bit and wake up fully. I feel good. As much as I am a night owl at heart, I like the routine myself when school starts. I will be fully ready to sleep in when next Summer rolls around, but for the most part, once we get on schedule, things will be great.

Things are about to pick up over at Planet Buddha as well, I can feel it. We have some new writers, and hopefully will have another here in the next couple of days. I have been blessed with an Admin role there, and I am SO happy and excited to be a part of the group there. Everyone there is so kind and intelligent and amazing. It feels like a second home. I feel really good about the whole experience and I am looking forward to working more there.

I think that about sums it up for this post. I am really excited about things to come, great things are in the works!

Have a great week everyone!!

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