Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another busy day: NaBloWriMo day 16

Later and later these days. Sorry folks.

Today has been a busy day of writing and cleaning and taking party decorations down and washing, drying and folding a crap ton of laundry, plus Alex came home early today. There is a tummy bug floating around school and I am afraid she caught it, so even though she is feeling a bit better now, I am going to keep her home from school tomorrow just in case. So booo baby is sick, but yay I can stay up a little later and SLEEP in tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow I will be writing a special post, another teaser post leading up to my November 2nd post with Winston Emerson, author of The Object, among other things.

Mr. Emerson has a special request to ask of his readers to help with the promotion of his new book. I will post the details tomorrow.

I hope you are all having a wonderful evening, and I will be back tomorrow! Sorry for the short posts, but it is busy as usual around here lol. As long as I post, it counts, right?

Have a great night!

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