Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help us Kickstart The Object: Book One!

Good morning everyone!

I am sharing a unique opportunity with you all today.

As you know, in the next couple of weeks, November 2nd to be exact, I will be sharing my interview of Winston Chad Emerson, author of The Object:Book One, with you all. Now that I have read everything he has offered to the public to read, ( The Drought, A Circle in the Woods, and The Object web series ) I can tell you that I am a HUGE fan and I am excited to be a part of the launching of his latest book.

Winston, with musician Matt Stillwell, ( who composes the musical score for The Object web series ) and illustrator, artist Justin Comley, are smack in the middle of a promotion campaign for The Object: Book One, and they could use our help. They have started a Kickstarter campaign to help with the cost of a very important book tour for their upcoming release of The Object: Book One.

They have a very modest goal of $1000, which will provide them with the capital needed up front for publishing costs, travel expenses, food, gas, and placing a bulk order (150 copies) of the paperback version of The Object: Book One, of which some will be sent out to reward recipients. The rest will be sold, sent to reviewers, and used for promotional giveaways. After all, book tours do not work if you have no book to sell to your readers, right?

The team has been hard at work for 6 months preparing, planning, and promoting this project, and now it is time for all that hard work to pay off. The book release is set for November 1st, with the book tour shortly thereafter.

You can be a part of this awesome project, and in return for your donation, there are some pretty awesome rewards! Check this out:

#1. For a pledge of just $3, you will get a digital copy of The Object: Book One in any ereader format, or a PDF copy if you do not have an ereader. (You can use this option to pre-order your digital copy of the book!)

#2. For a pledge of $15 you get a paperback copy of The Object: Book One. ( You can use this option to pre-order the paperback version of the book! )

#3. For a pledge of $35 you get a signed paperback copy of The Object: Book One and A Circle in the Woods!

#4. For a pledge of $100 you get the signed books above and two surprise books written by friends of The Object!

#5. For a pledge of $250, you get reward #3, plus FIVE surprise books written by friends of The Object, your name in the Acknowledgements of The Object: Book Two, as well as a signed and framed limited edition print of any of the illustrations from The Object: Book One! ( Which, by the way, are awesome and evocative! )

#6. For a pledge of $500, you get reward #5, plus you will be written into The Object: Book Two for at least one episode! (How freaking awesome is THAT? )

#7. For a pledge of $1000, you get reward #6, plus a permanent spot on The Object Website to showcase or promote anything of your choosing ( as long as it is appropriate for a PG-13 audience ) AND you/your business/band/etc. will be incorporated in an awesome and favorable way in The Object: Book Two!!

How awesome it would be to be written into Winston's next book? I think that is so cool!!

I have spoken with Winston many times, and he is a really great guy, who, along with his team, have really thrown every last bit of themselves into this endeavor. You could be a part of literary history by going HERE and reading about the project, check out the official details and if you can, donate for the chance to help a great team of people see their dream come into fruition, and getting something awesome in return!

You can also stay updated with the Facebook Book Release and Giveaway event!

So there you have it! Be sure to go check out the Kickstarter campaign and share this post with your friends so they can have a chance to get in on this awesome opportunity!

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