Monday, October 22, 2012

Another injury NaBloWriMo Day 22

Long story short, I broke my toe last night on a piece of wood in the dark. Snapped my next to the last toe on my left foot, fell down and scraped myself up pretty bad. Everything is sore, and I went to the ER for my toe today. They wrapped it ( which I  had already done ) and sent me home with a Rx for pain killers. Nothing to be done but deal with it until it heals.

This is really getting old. One bad thing after another. It is hard to take.

Just when things get easier, something bad happens to mess it all up. I am  discouraged and unhappy.

I know you are all getting tired of my bitching about something, but that seems to be all I have to talk about for right now. I hope that changes soon.

That is all for today. I hope you are all having a better start to your week than I am .

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kecarr said...

Sometimes bitching is the only thing we have the energy for~and, it is way better to get it out than to let it fester & grow. Sorry that your body took a beating....but I like to think positive when bad things keep least it was just your toe & not your hip! Saw your blog from today & glad things are a little brighter. Take a pain pill...some junk food & a good book & RELAX! you deserve it!