Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sleepy Sunday NaBloWriMo Day 21

Good afternoon folks. It is a sleepy kind of day here in the House of Wolf.

We went to my Mother's house for her little celebration for Alex's birthday. She made Alex's favorite meal of potato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and made her a pumpkin cake. Shaped, not flavored. We stayed  for a couple of hours, bur Mom ( who works at home 4 days a week ) had to work and Jack and I were ready to come home. We both really want to take a nap, but it is too late in the day. For me it is, maybe not for him.

Last week my 14 year old son told me he was interested in Paganism; Wicca to be specific, and has been asking me a lot of questions about it. I am pleased. I do not influence any of my kids intentionally, I feel kids should be old enough to study different religions on their own, and make their own educated choice, and that means I have never volunteered any info to any of my kids unless they have directly asked me.

I told him I would let him borrow some of my books, and I had some things I could give him to help him get started on his exploration. I explained that I was not Wiccan, but I had some Wiccan books that could help him.

I never really knew how much he and I are alike about certain things. Music, and animals, we like a lot of the same types of things,  but as he has always been a quiet child, we never really talked about anything until recently. It is nice to know that we share similar interests.

My eldest daughter dabbled in it for a while, but it was not really her thing, which is fine. It will be interesting to see if this is the path that calls to my son, I am excited to see him start his journey.

Nothing else is really going on today. Jack is resting, playing a PS3 game in bed, Alex is playing with her friend down the road, and I am here, about to lose myself in some Facebook games for a while. I am taking this last day to rest before everything starts back up tomorrow.

So that is it for me today, see you tomorrow!

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TantraWave said...

Very nice! A well deserved relaxing day, enjoy ... (I was able to sleep a full seven hours with only two interruptions today, that counts as a "vacation" for me too LOL!! :)