Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ten Things Thursday: 10 Awesome Things That Happened This Week

Good evening everyone!

I bet you thought I would not do this, since I am posting so many other things each day, eh?


I almost did not, due to it being so damn late and I am tired...but I still wanted to do it so here I am.

This week I am doing Ten Awesome Things That Happened This Week.


1. So. Much. Writing.

Seriously. There is so much writing to be done this month in general, but this week, the start of it all, has been so damn awesome. Add to that the fact I got asked to do an author interview? Psssht. I am so freaking thrilled.

2. Jack is returning to normal

This would have been number one if not for how happy I am about all the writing. Jack has been a total ass due to being in pain and zonked out on mood altering pain meds, lack of sleep, not wanting to has been terrible. The last couple of days have been so much better. His mind and temperament is returning to normal, even if his body is still healing. The stress is so much less. That means I can function so much better if I am not walking around on eggshells. For real.

  3. Closure

Not to sound morbid or anything, but now that there is a fast approaching concrete date for us to scatter my father's ashes, I feel better. No more will we have that looming over our heads, dragging on. It will all be over and done with, and then we can begin to heal in earnest, and not have this duct tape patch over our hearts, holding us together until we could do this last thing, which is spread his ashes as he wanted.

4. The weather

Even thought the temperature is bouncing around from cool to hot, as is typical for early Fall in Florida, the evenings have been much cooler finally, and I have been able to open my bedroom window at night with a fan stuck in it, drawing the cool air into my room. I have been sleeping so much better. Last night the air was cooler, AND it was raining. I was sleeping SO deeply. It was awesome. I can not wait until the temps stay cooler during the day so I can keep the house open all the time.

5. Bones is back

Fall means that some of my rare TV shows come back. (Rare meaning I hardly ever watch TV, unless it is something to do with Gordon Ramsey..) First to come back is the show Bones, which I adore. I love the characters of that show, they are all so awesome, and I actually think about them when the show is off for the season lol. Oddly enough, I do not care for the books the series is based on at ALL. I do not like that version of Brennan. I like the TV version so much better. Plus, I relate to her...I am a walking textbook at times, ask my friends lol. SO misunderstood *winks*.

6. New friends

I have had the fortune to meet some new people over the last couple of months, mostly through the writing projects that I am a part of, and I am very happy about that. They are awesome people, and I am proud to be associated with them.I look forward to getting to know them even more as time goes on.

7. Fall Food

Aww yeah. Chili, soups, stews, casseroles. I am so happy that there is a nip in the air, because the first thing I want to do is start making hearty things to eat for us. Tomorrow I am making potato, onion and bacon soup for dinner. Alex will be in love, it is one of her favorite meals.

8. Spark

I love this time of year, for many reasons, but the main one is my spark, my fire returns. As the darker half of the year approaches, I feel something inside of me return to a hibernating animal, only I sleep during the hot and miserable days of Summer, and I revel in the cold, crisp nights, and the clear and chilly days. My energy comes back, I have more focus, I want to be busy all the time. These writing gigs came at the perfect the first few days of the awakening, when everything is fresh and new feeling.  I am still sluggish enough to be exhausted by the time bedtime hits, but not long after waking I am full of fire and feeling good. The colder it gets, the better I feel. Until full on Winter hits and I will be shivering and bitching about my ankle, but until then, it will be awesome lol.

9. Books

I have picked up so many kick ass books for my tablet ( or rather, the kindle cloud reader, as I do most of my reading here on the desktop these days ) that I am now totally sure I will never be able to read them all in the rest of my lifetime, but still, every day I go and get more. I am a book whore, which works, since being a book whore and leaving a book review is what got me the gig writing the author interview. Woot!

10. Movies

I have not watched any movies in a while, I just have so much going on I do not have the time or the focus to sit down and watch a whole movie, but we had company over the weekend, and I watched The Avengers ( which was awesome even though I missed a bit in the middle, I had a couple of things to do ) and The Hunger Games, ( which sucked ass; I mean I know most movies never do the book justice, but that movie was terrible ) and it was nice to sit down and chill for a while, and watch a good movie with good company. Jack even sat out here with us in the living room for the first time since surgery. He paid for it later in the pain department, but it was nice to "see" him. I am usually here at my desk, and he is usually in the bedroom, laying down and watching TV or playing his game on the PS3...resting. So it was almost "normal" for a few hours. It was nice.

So there you have it folks. This week has been pretty awesome for me, and now you know why. I am happier and more relaxed mentally, and really busy physically, which is pretty awesome. Now, my writing is FINALLY done for the day, and I STILL have several things to do before I can fall in to bed tonight. But you know what? It is "Friday Eve" ( phrase coined by one of my friends/readers Robin's son ) which means tomorrow is the start of the WEEKEND! This witch is SO sleeping in this weekend! I hope you enjoyed all the posts today, and I will be back dark and early in the morning!

Have a great night folks!


Stephanie said...

I am so glad to have meet you too. I hope we can be great friends. :)

Alexis Kennedy said...

Awesome post, Bella!
(psst: I thought I was alone in my disappointment over the hunger games)


Unknown said...

Thanks Kallan!

The Hunger Games books were awesome, I DEVOURED all three in a week. I could not stop reading.

The movie was really terrible to me. The books inspired a ton of emotion in me, and the movie inspired nothing but irritation that it was so flat and lifeless.

I had such high hopes, since they can do so much more for movies now, but I was horribly disappointed. The actors were flat, there was no back story, no emotion, the acting was bad, even from the couple of big named stars...all around it was a waste of 2 hours of my life.

They are supposedly making more, but unless I hear that it was totally different than the first one, I will not bother watching it.