Saturday, May 11, 2013

Haunted at Planet Buddha!

After a long silence, I finally posted over at Planet Buddha!

I want to thank the people there for being so patient with me while I try to scrape my wits up out of the hole they have been hanging out in for over a year. They are amazing.

"I have never been much of a "seer" when it came to ghosts. While almost always aware...almost always being able to feel, and sometimes hear...there have only been a dozen or so times that I have ever laid eyes upon a ghost. The first time it ever happened, I was a young girl, and my great uncle passed away. I loved him dearly, and he visited me for a while. You can read that story here. A doorway was opened, and it led to those other viewings, but it has never came easy for me since the first time......"

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TantraWave said...

Dearest Bella, I - we - are the one(s) who should be thanking _you_ for your patience while we're setting up the web site, during this time of transitional states on top of transitional states. And yet here you've posted an awesomely intriguing account of the current ghost-ophany encounters. Looking so forward to hearing how everything transpires. Your Artemisian fortitude and inner stability/strength, notwithstanding severely trying circumstances, are truly inspiring. Anyone who can still inspire in spite of everything you are currently enduring, is a mark of divinity. Thank you for taking the journey with PB, Bella. Even if you take a hiatus for a decade, we will always be in it together. Much love, D

Magaly Guerrero said...

The departed only visit me in dreams, and I'm immensely glad for that tiny gift. Some of the ones who visit aren't all that pleasant to look at, so I'm not sure I would be able to handle things in the flesh...