Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So this happened last night...seems like I have been through this before..

There I was, minding my own business on my porch, watching the light rain.

The mail carrier pulled up and put the mail in our mailbox.

It was barely misting at this point, so I open the screen door and proceed to place my left foot on the top step.

Suddenly my foot flies out from under me backwards, I fall, leg is trapped underneath me..and THIS is what happened...

That is a severely dislocated and broke in two places ankle.

The dislocation was the most painful thing I have been through. You can't see it in this pic, but my skin split in three places, the bone was slowly pushing it's way through the skin as it swelled more and more. It hurt worse than when I broke my right ankle. I had to endure that splitting with no pain meds, because they were about to put me in twilight to reset the bone and if they gave me more pain meds, I could possibly stop breathing. 

I also broke my tibia and femur in almost the same exact spots as the right one did. They sent me home in a soft cast thing until the swelling goes down so they can operate. I have an appointment Thursday to meet with the surgeon and have him look at it since all he saw were the xrays last night, he did not come in to see me himself. 

On the bright side, I do not have to be shipped off to recover, like I was last time. Dawn is here all the time, and my oldest daughter is now living with us ( One down, one to go ) so there are plenty of folks here to watch over me. 

I guess when I asked for some down time to take care of some things, I should have been more specific. On the bright side, the constant fear that I would fall and break the other ankle is over. hurts. A lot. 

But I will live, far as I know, lol.

I suppose I will be writing more now that I am pretty much bed and couch ridden for the Summer.
 ( REALLY not happy...we had a lot of plans this Summer ) 

A lot has happened in the last three weeks. A new little soul. An older soul who only has maybe a year to live, my eldest daughter is back with me and hopefully my son will be too.

I also think that I should maybe never go outside. Terrible things happen on the outside lol.

How have you guys and gals been?

I will update as I know more...

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greekwitch said...

Oh my God!!! This has happened to you twice???
Get better very soon! Sending lots and lots of healing thoughts!
here in Greece we have a saying ''be iron''. Which does not make a lot of sense in English but seems perfect for you!!