Who Am I?

Hi there. My name is Angela but most of the people I know call me Bella. I am a 34 year old married mother of two teens ( boy 14 and girl 16 ) and an 8 year old little girl. I currently have three dogs. A black Lab so full of energy she makes me tired just watching her, a Pit Bull who thinks he is a Pomeranian, and a Shih Tzu who thinks he is a cat. I live in North Florida, on the coast, about 30 minutes outside of Tallahassee, and have lived in this area for my whole life.

I have had an interesting life, filled with lessons that I learned the hard way. My life, both good and bad, has shaped me into the person I am today, so I appreciate the lessons even if the method of being taught was less than desirable.

I am only 34, but I have broken many bones, had and beat cervical cancer, and  I am currently undergoing testing for Parkinson's Disease and MS. This body may not be good for much, but my spirit shines brightly on most days.

I have many interests. I love to cook, yet baking eludes me, with the exception of breads. I am in love with Gordon Ramsey. I think I could woo him with my sarcasm and make him fall madly in love with me. I am a bookworm of the highest degree. I love music of all types. I am a writer and a blogger. I am always looking for more writing opportunities. I have a tendency to over-analyze everything. I am very much interested in Herbalism and natural medicine. I love to paint in abstract, due to the fact I cannot draw a straight line most days. I can carry on entire conversations comprised of nothing but movie quotes. I am the Queen of useless information. I like to say that you never know when some random bit of knowledge will come in handy one day, and indeed it has! I am a bit of a pack-rat,  mostly with paper. I have a pen and writing implement obsession.

I am madly in love with my husband, Jack. We recently celebrated our 9th anniversary. He is my world. We have been through so much together, and each time we are faced with hardship, we come out even stronger than before. I can't imagine my life without him.

My 8 year old, Alex (andra) was born prematurely, just 28 weeks along. It was one of the most terrifying things I have ever been through. She came out fighting, and she has never slowed down for a single minute since then. She is full of fire and passion, and while we butt heads from time to time, as she is so strong and willful, she is my miracle baby, and each day I am so thankful I am to be her mother.

I am very much a Taurus, yet just as much the Leo of my Moon sign.

 I am logical to a fault at times. 

I must have incense burning at all times except when I am sleeping. 

I tend to see things from all sides at once. Sometimes that is a huge blessing, and sometimes that is a big curse.

I have met so many wonderful people thanks to the internet, and once I started blogging I was introduced to a whole new world of people, and have been fortunate enough to know some of the most intelligent, fun, interesting, and diverse individuals. Some of my best friends live in my computer, as they say! *Winks*

I am one of the most loving and loyal people you will ever meet. All I ask is the same in return.

I am a Pagan, if it matters, but my spirituality is a deeply personal thing and not something I feel the need to explain. Let it suffice to say I am a Witch who does NOT dance naked under the moon, NOR do I worship or even believe in any kind of demon or devil. I do not need a Higher power to tell me what is right or wrong, or offer me a wonderful final resting place or a terrible punishment. I try to do the right thing, always, because I am a decent person, not because I am looking for some reward or because of fear of punishment for all eternity. My take on religion is you do your thing, I'll do mine. If you are nice to me, I am nice to you, simple as that. Who or what you worship ( if you do that at all ) is none of my business.

For more frequent updates, and to talk to me in real time, you can find me at the fan page for the blog here: Tales of the Wolf Queen Facebook Fan Page

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