Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Memoirs of a Crazy Witch: My Craft Name

Choosing a craft name to represent you can be a very difficult choice. There really is no limitation, and you can have more than one, or the one you have now may be outgrown down the road, and something else more fitting can take it’s place.

I was very fortunate. I received mine in a dream, and it is the only true spiritual name I have ever had. I had even considered changing my name legally to my craft name, Belladonna Foxglove, but decided that I would not disrespect my parents in such a way since my middle name was fashioned after my grandmothers.

When I was 17, I had been re-reading my Green Witchcraft book, and had been thinking about what name to choose for myself. Dozens of names ran through my head. My first choice was Dark Angel, as Angel is the nickname people call me, as my real name is Angela. However, that name had been used to an excess by others, especially of the Goth persuasion (which I used to be a big part of) and I wanted something more unique and befitting of myself.

It was the last thing on my mind when I went to sleep that night. Later that night, a dream came to me. I lived deep in the woods at that point in my life, and this was reflected in my dream. I walked outside of my back door, and into the yard. At the edge of the tree line, there was a path leading into the forest that was not there in the real life. I started towards the path, feeling drawn by unseen forces.

I stopped at the edge and tried to peer further into the darkness, trying to see what lay beyond the trees…and got the feeling that some one was calling to me from the forest…just out of earshot. I took a deep breath and stepped onto the path….

Once my eyes adjusted to the dimness, I could see small creatures scurrying around in the trees and on the ground, but could not make out what they were. The path was curving in and out around the trees, and far in the distance there was a faint light shining through the trees. As I made my way towards the light, I could see what I thought were lightning bugs in the darkness, but as one flew near my face, it was a tiny fairy! I tried to follow it to get a closer look, but I could not leave the path for some reason.

I walked faster, as I wanted to see where the light was coming from. The closer to the light I got, the more fairies came out of the dark, until they were swirling all around me.

As I stepped out of the forest, blinding white light surrounded me, and I could not see. I heard a female voice, light and feathery in my ear, that said “Come forward.”

I took a few steps and suddenly my eyes adjusted, and I could see that I was in a field of flowers, thousands of them, in every color and type imaginable. The fairies were everywhere, like butterflies, flitting from flower to flower. It was breathtaking, and I just stood there for a few seconds, taking in the sheer beauty of it. Flowers as far as the eye could see, except in the middle of the field there was a huge old oak tree, and the voice called to me again, from that direction.

I walked slowly to the tree, and as I drew closer, the flowers thinned out until there was only deep, plush grass, so green it was almost blue. Under the shade of the tree were two beautiful flowers, each one surrounded by a golden glow.

The voice then said this to me: “You have been through many hardships my child, and there are many more to follow. The two flowers before you will represent you through much of your life. Both plants represent the duality of your nature. On one hand they are used to heal the body and spirit, but if misused, they can be deadly. Only you will know which choice to make when the time comes. The plant on the left is BellaDonna. The plant on the right is Foxglove. Both are beautiful. Both are potentially deadly. This is my gift to you, and always remember I am in everything you see, and everything you don’t see…”

The voice faded away, and as it did the glow around the plants grew so bright I could not see them, and as it faded, the plants were still there, only they were in pots so I could carry them. I picked them up and made my way back to the forest, and through the woods, only this time the woods were all lit up, and I could see clearly. It was beautiful and serene. I emerged back into my yard, and I planted the two flowers in the flower bed underneath my bedroom window, and as I finished, and gave them water, the golden glow returned and they were astounding in their brilliance.

I walked inside my room, and lay down on my bed, and went to sleep….and then I woke up from my dream in my bed. I knew right then that I had received my name, and from that day forward, I have been, and will always be, BellaDonna Foxglove.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

What a beautiful way to get your Craft name!

A little known fact: My Craft name is Ivy Silvermoon (hence my blog's URL!), though I usually just have used "Silvermoon". When I started my blog, that name was so over used (Up til then I had NO idea it was so wildly used, lol!) that I somehow ended up as Mrs.B.

Now I'm so used to being "Mrs.B." that I sort of consider it a Craft name as well!

Unknown said...

I would agree with you! Mrs. B has so much energy in it, because of your blog and things, that it is very much a part of you, and we all give it energy ever day! I love it!

I go by Bella most of the time..which was fine until Twilight came out, then of course everyone thinks I fashioned it after Bella Swan.

Not! I am way cooler than she is LOL..

Kidding, kidding...

Thank you for dropping in!

Coach Z said...

ANYTHING can be a craft name. I like Mrs. B because it IS different. I wonder how many pagans are given their name but refuse it and wont claim it because it did have the word raven, or the word moon, or some other such word!! LOL

I got your button on my blog. thanks for reminding me. I must have gotten interrupted and forgot to add it!!


Rue said...

I didn't want my name. I tried to reject it - but it stuck. I guess your name just picks you!