Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cleaning on Samhain??

Not usually, but that is what is happening lol.

Plans for the weekend got changed, and so did my Samhain night! Money was tight this weekend, with rent coming next our plans were supposed to be going to drop Alex off at my moms today, which we did, and go to the flea market...which we also did. Tomorrow we were supposed to get up at the ass crack of dawn and go to the gun range, but having the gas money for Jack to get back and forth to work was an issue, so we decided not to go this weekend and go next weekend instead. Which is fine with me, if I am lucky it will be colder next weekend and I LOVE watching the sun rise in cold weather. It is about the only time I can be up with the sun and be sorta happy about it. So now tomorrow Jack will go get Alex more than likely and then we will be home to watch the race.

Tonight I was going to do my ritual outside, with a fire, but, just like LAST freaking year, it has been pouring off and on all day. Why must it always rain on Samhain? Florida. Got to love it.

Jack cooked tonight, and after we got home from the flea market and the grocery store, I was playing around on Facebook..but it was not the same. When ever I win at a game or something, Alex is usually cheering me on and clapping and she gets so excited....and tonight it just did not seem as fun without her here. SO I got up and started washing some clothes, because Mom gave me a cutie twin sheet and comforter set to go on Alex's new big girl bed. They were clean, but they smelled like my mom, which is not "home" for Alex, so I wanted to get the clothes washed so I could wash her bed clothes. So I did that, but even washing clothes was not the same, because Alex just HAS to put the clothes in the dryer for even though not stepping on her every 5 seconds because she is my shadow has been nice, I have felt her absence pretty keenly tonight.

I cleaned the kitchen next, because I forgot to do it before we left, and then I went in Alex's room and started rearranging stuff a little, because we finally got her toddler bed taken down and moved so I had the room to spread her stuff out. It was time to eat then, so I did. Then I got a wild hair and decided to remove the fan blades from her ceiling fan and the cage and blades from her oscillating fan that sits in her corner, and clean them. I filled the tub with just enough water to cover them all and added some cleaner and let them soak while I went and folded and hung four loads of laundry. After I was done with that I went back and scrubbed the fan stuff and propped them on a towel to dry a bit while I put her sheets in the dryer and her new comforter and spare sheets ( that were on her bed ) in the wash.

After that I went and dusted her room, and I was going to start hanging wall paper, but I think I am just to damn tired tonight! Her comforter is in the dryer now, so all I have to do for that all to be done is toss that on the bed. Oh, the set came with a dust ruffle so I had to heave the mattress off and get that put on, and put the mattress back on. I went to put her blades back on the fan and I have a nerve disorder that causes my hands to be a bit unsteady at times, and it gets worse when I am trying to hold the blades over my head and line the screw up and twist the screwdriver with the other hand was just not working, I was shaking to bad. Jack put them up for me while I put her floor fan back together, and while I was doing that I decided I want to move her TV and VCR/DVD player to the other corner of the room, but, again, I am just to damn tired lol. SO I will probably work on that tomorrow as well before the race.

So far I have spent the better part of my Samhain night cleaning, but I do not mind, I got a lot done and feel pretty proud of myself, since some of it was a tough icky job like those fan blades. I do not even know the last  time they were cleaned, it is a wonder they moved any air at all lol.

I am wondering if I will do my ritual tonight now...I actually want to sage Alex's room since she is not here to mess with it and I can leave it in there and not worry about her hurting herself...but as far as my burning ritual I might skip that. Or I might get a second wind after everything calms down ( Jack is watching a movie with the surround sound at like 40 bazillion decibels ) and go ahead and do it.

Either way, I have spent a lot of time today thinking about those that are no longer with us, and talking to them so to speak, and if tonight is any indication, my coming year will be a busy and productive one!

I hope everyone is having  great evening, and love and hugs to all!!


Lyon said...

*huge huge hugs* I think cleaning is in the perfect spirit of Samhain, regardless of anything else getting done or not. ;-)

Happy New Year to you, and a very Blessed Samhain!

AmyK. said...

Sounds very productive! I'm sorry that the rain ruined your has been a very wet October here as well.

Unknown said...

I think cleaning is a fantastic way to spend the day, I know I certainly wish I would've spent more time doing it myself :) Happy new year!

Bridgett said...

I think this is the perfect time of year to clean and organize. In fact, it makes more sense to me than spring cleaning.

But seriously, this made me tired just reading it all! LOL