Sunday, November 01, 2009

Samhain Tarot Reading

Tonight after I saged the hell out of the house ( literally heh heh ) and burned an assortment of magical herbal goodies for their various properties, I sat down here with the intention of calling it a night, to just relax.

Of course the cat chose that moment to yowl at the back door to be let inside. So I trudge over there and open the door and feel the COLD air wash over me. Thats right. Cold air. Not two hours ago it was 76 degrees and now it is 58. * Chortles happily*

I was suddenly feeling very magical, and actually I was watching Practical Magic, which ALWAYS makes me feel Witchy, and I decided to do a tarot reading for myself for the coming year. I have not done a reading in a while, and not for myself in even longer. I was drawn to use a deck I have not used before, one that Maia sent me a few months ago. I can not remember the name of it...forever and a day ago I commented on a blog of Jupiter's but can not seem to find the post to share, and the name is not really on the box lol.

ANYWAY, I was drawn to use that deck, and I went and got a blanket and a pillow and spread it out on the floor and put the pillow behind me and spent a few minutes shuffling the deck and talking to it. When I felt ready I asked it to show me what was in store for the next year, and I used the Star spread which is shaped like a pentacle and a card is placed on each of the pentacle points.

My reading is as follows:

Center of Star is the 'Heart of the Question ' position and the card was the Five of Wands, which made me laugh because it is a card ( to me ) that points to arguments and petty annoyances, people trying to get in your way and arguing for the sake of arguing....and that is really what I had in mind when I asked the question...I was thinking " What crap am I going to have to deal with" and that card came up and make me chuckle. I love it when the Universe has a sense of humor *winks*

The next card was the 'Present" position, which was below the above card, and that card was the Eight of Swords, reversed. That usually means that the path ahead is clear, and calls you to follow it...which I take to mean that things will be easier, and I will once again continue my journey on my spiritual path. It also means that obstacles fall aside and allow freedom of movement, and that your goals usually will be achieved, which is awesome, as I have several I would like to accomplish over the next year or so.

The next card was in the 'Intellect' position, and this was the lower left point of the star. That card was the Ten of Cups, which is a pretty awesome card. It usually means that your goals are obtained, the relationships in your life are true, your dreams become reality, and there is glitter and rainbows all over the place and it is time to feel the creamy goodness of life with those close to you. This card means a LOT because I feel like Jack and I have never been better, and we have been through  some ROUGH times over the last year....well...two if you want to get technical. Things feel really good in my life, I have new friends, my relationships that mean something to me are solid, and I have felt very content for a while now, and that is a BIG deal for me.

The next card was the 'Known Desires' position, and that card was the Knight of Pentacles. This one is a bit confusing to me. The Knight of Pentacles is the most hardworking of all the Knights, and the most devoted, but it says he is too wrapped up in materialistic things. It confuses me because I am trying to get RID of my material possessions to a degree...I am wedding out half my house and getting rid of stuff that does not serve any purpose in my life anymore. When I see the word "materialistic" it brings someone who is greedy and constantly has to buy stuff to make them happy, and that is not me at all.

Next is the 'What is yet to unfold' position, and the card I got for that spot was the Moon, reversed. The Moon governs all dreams, and while the moon can inspire, it can also deceive. This card tells me I have to decipher if the dreams I am having ( and boy have I had a lot of odd ones as of late ) are prophetic or merely fantasy.

The next card was in the 'Emotions' spot, and I drew the Two of Cups. In the upright position it is a card of devotion, bonding, and the sharing of experiences. The coming together of two halves to make a stronger whole. Again, with the Jack thing, we are better and closer than ever, and we are much stronger as a whole. But aside from the romantic aspect, I have a couple of friendships that are solid, and we are closer than ever, and stronger than ever.

The final card, the 'Outcome' position, was the Ace of Swords. The Ace stands for clarity of mind, and represents a singularity of purpose and piercing intent. Focus and consciousness combine for decisive decisions. I am a very direct and logical minded person, and I usually do not have trouble making important decisions when the situation calls for it, so I take this card to mean as long as I hold on to that, and stay focused and level headed, that the coming year will turn out just fine.

So as you can see, all in all this was a pretty good reading. I have to add that right in the middle of this, my power went out and I had an interesting night. I am just now getting to finish, and be sure to head over to The Wandering Hearth and check out my guest post Spirits of the Night.

Have a good evening everyone!


Unknown said...

The Knight in your known desires position says to me that you are a person who will work hard for what you want. The Knight of Pentacles is the most likely to succeed out of all the Knights. Instead of materialism, I see that you know what you want, will work hard for it and without a doubt achieve it :)

Lyon said...

I still haven't gotten to my year ahead divination. Definitely gotta make time to do that today. I wonder if I'm procrastinatin cuz I don't really know if I wanna see or not. lol

Thanks for sharing your reading with us though, Bella. I hope with all of my heart that it will be a good year for you!

Bridgett said...

I gotta learn me some tarot. :)

Jupiter is going to help me and I ordered my first cards today...just the basic Rider Waite cards.

I'm excited! And this was fascinating. Thanks for the mini-lesson.