Monday, May 10, 2010

The other side of 31....

Well it is official. I now have BOTH feet firmly planted " in my 30's " lol....

Tuesday, the 4th, was my 31st birthday. Remember when you were a kid, and 30 felt like it was an eternity away? Yeah, well kids, it is not as far off as you might think lol.

 Things were pretty much the norm on my actual birthday, being in the middle of the week and all. A friend gave me some spending money, which I quickly gave to Ebay lol, and Stag gave me the most awesome Harley Davidson Fountain Pen...which made me squee because I collect pens for one, and I ADORE fountain pens for two, and the fact it is a Harley Davidson Watermark Pen put me over the moon. *Pets it again*

Fast forward to Friday, and the end of that evening was I got food poisoning. Yeah. Horrible, painful, agonizing food poisoning. I was in agony all night, did not get to sleep until 7 AM Saturday, and slept in fits for most of the day, horrible stomach cramps waking me often. I got up about 6 that night and watched the race, and went back to bed about an hour after it was over.

Today, we all went over to my parents house for my birthday/mothers day dinner. (Happy Mother's Day to all the Magical Mamas out there by the way! ) Mom made one of my favorites, Chicken and Dumplings, with English Peas and Chicken and Rice...and it was awesome. I was still in pain and not feeling great, but I did not care, there was NO way I was going to pass up my Mama's good food! She made me my favorite cake, yellow with chocolate frosting, ( she makes the most awesome cakes too! ) and for a present, I had asked for her to make me some of her special chicken salad. There is no chicken salad on Earth as good as hers, and I have already eaten half of the big bowl she made me lol..

Yes, I am all kinds of miserable full and in pain still but I do not even care, it was THAT good! They also got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, ( of which I have not taken pics of yet, but will soon lol ) and a card, and my eldest girl made me a special birthday card! I know people might think "Chicken salad for a gift? Really?" but all I can say is if you ever get the chance to taste it, you will see why it was a request lol. So we had a good visit over there, and then we came home and I took some meds for my tummy and sat here for a little while, and I was feeling better for about an hour and I ran the vac and did the few dishes from Jack and Alex's breakfast. I should note here that Jack was a doll this weekend, he took very good care of me while I was so ill. He cooked and cleaned and did the dishes and let me rest. He was a sweetheart. So after I did that it sapped what little energy I had and I have been here ever since. That in itself is an accomplishment since sitting upright for longer than about 10 minutes causes me stomach pain so I was either on the couch laid out or in bed for the most part. Man I tell you, food poisoning is some awful stuff.

I feel better now than I have since Friday so I am hoping that I will feel even better tomorrow.

 I have been thinking a lot ( before I got so sick of course, the only thing I really thought for the last two days was "Please shoot me and put me out of my misery" lol ) about where I am in my life, and where I want to go from here. That is a blog post for another time, but I have thought a lot about my family and my friends, and about heading back into the work force once Alex goes to school in the fall, and dealing with the fact that my "baby" is actually GOING to school in the fall lol. One thing I have learned is I am to damn old and have to little patience to play mind games anymore, and to try to be something I am not for anyone's sake. If people have issues with that, or me, they can talk to me about it like an adult, or they can move on with their lives, without me in it. I am going to be okay either way. I posted a status on my non Bella Facebook page to that effect the other day. That page has all my (Mostly Christian ) friends from back in the day, and a few family members and such on it, and while I have never been in the broom closet, I did sort of curb myself on that page because I did not want to listen to them all preach at me, so I said that I was Pagan, I was proud of it, and if they didn't like it, they were free to remove me. I have felt pretty good after saying that, and happily no one removed me ( that matters anyway lol ) and no one said anything unkind, so that was a plus.

I will stop here with that line of thought, like I said, it is a blog post for another time lol.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!


Nar said...

Happy belated birthday! My 31st will be on August 4. :)

Chatters said...

Happy belated birthday. sorry you been feeling so rough.

I feel the same as you now and the older you get the deeper that feeling becomes, it's not that you don't care, you just get to the point where you can not be a....

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. I'm sorry to hear about the food poisoning, I know that's not fun. Hoping you feel better really soon. Hugs! and Bright Blessings.