Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goal Obtained!

It has been a long, odd, week. My new walking partner, Vicky, took a temp job for a couple of weeks, which I knew was coming. What I did  not know was that her girlfriend Stephanie would be on vacation, and decide she wanted to go with me. Now there is nothing wrong with that, I like her too, but I like Vicky more, she has a similar personality. Staph is kind of dry so to speak.  Not to mention she is not all that in to exercise lol.

We walked together Monday and Tuesday, and I ended up not going Wednesday, because my left leg ( my bad knee leg, the one I have had a few surgeries on..) was killing me, and I knew I needed to rest, even though I was eat up with guilt all that day. Staph went back to work today, and I was supposed to watch her two younger kids for a couple of hours this morning until they got on the bus, because Vicky was to be at work at 5 AM and Steph at 4:30 AM. They were supposed to come over yesterday afternoon to confirm and to tell me what time they were going to be here. They never showed. I still expected them to come over this morning. They never showed. When I took Alex to the bus stop at 7:30, I saw one of the kids in the window of their house, so I assumed they had just gotten someone else to come over and watch them. I went on my walk, alone, and when I got to my normal stopping point, I still felt good, and I wanted to make up for not going yesterday, so I walked all the way to the pavement ( the road is really long, and half of it is paved, half of it is dirt ) and back, which is just under 5 and a half miles round trip.

I made my goal! I expected to start easing my way towards the pavement this week, but Steph was more than ready to go home when we reached the bridge, so I just put it off. Today I went on and it was wonderful. It actually got easier to walk as I crossed the bridge, the dirt was more hard packed, and less soft sand, and it is more open, since as you go that way it opens up into neighborhoods. I was happy I was alone, I got to go at my own pace, fast when I wanted, and slower through the sand. I felt great when I got home, I did not hurt like I usually do when I walked with one of them. I do not mean the " Oh we are using muscles more so it is natural to be sore" type hurt, I mean the " Omg I pulled something, I can not walk without being in agony something is wrong" type of hurt.

I am not sure what the deal with Vicky is, since I found out later it was she who was home. I do not know why they did not come over, even if it was to tell me they found someone else or that Vicky would be home. It might have to do with the fact that Steph came in Tuesday to use my phone, and of course I have a good sized pentacle painting and my pentacle altar cloth on my entertainment center. She had Vicky's 12 year old daughter with her, who kept asking me questions about them. Steph made a beeline for the door when she got off the phone, so for all I know I am now the evil devil worshiper to them or something. Or it may be something else entirely, I have no clue. To be honest, I do not care to find out why, either. I like them both, but I am not going to go out of my way and keep getting in their face if I am not wanted for whatever reason. I had a much better experience going alone, and I think I will keep it that way. In fact, getting to the pavement was so easy, I am setting a new goal of walking the entire length of Tiger Hammock road, dirt and paved.

I am torn however, because if it was for no big reason that they did not come over, I do not want to seem like I just dumped Vicky and do not want to walk with her anymore. On the other hand, I want to walk alone I think. It is better for me to do this alone for the most part. I know I need to just suck it up and go over there and find out if something is up, but at the same time if I do, I will feel obligated to keep walking with her when I do not want to. Nothing against her, I just need to do this alone. See why I like online relationships? Lol..

Jack has to work for the next two Saturdays, his boss is going out of town, so that kind of sucks. Hunting season also starts this weekend so I will see less of him in general on the weekends. This Saturday, after he gets home, we are going to my Mom's and we are going to a Fall Festival with the kids, so that should be fun.

I was also given an award today, the Lovely Blog award that is now on my sidebar by Bex over at Bex's Hexes. That was a wonderful surprise and I thank her! She is also on a mission to get healthy again, so pop over and check her out, show some support.

I think that sums it up for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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