Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holiday Shopping Time!

This year seemed to fly by, and now it is drawing ever closer to the holidays, and that means shopping! I admit, usually I am a last minute shopper, but I am trying not to do that this year. I am also a heavy online shopper. I love perusing websites looking for stuff for my family, and usually find some things I really want for myself in the process.

Right now I am shopping for a new coffee table and end tables. I have neat glass top ones that came with my living room set, but they are a pain for me to keep clean, and the coffee table is round and takes up a ton of free space in the middle of my small living room. I found some really neat end tables at one of the CSN stores. They have an awesome network of over 200 stores, and they have just about everything you could want! I will be doing a lot of shopping from their sites, especially their cookware site. There is a new set of Rachel Ray pots and pans with my name all over it! (I am a sucker for anything to do with cooking or my kitchen! )

I have found some really cool stuff for my kids already this year, who, now that two of them are teenagers, are really hard to shop for. My Dad is easy, he just wants new books, and my Mom is a turtle knickknack collector, so I can find stuff for them pretty easy.

This is the first time in a long time that I am not totally dreading holiday shopping, and that is a great feeling!

Have any of you started ( or maybe even finished! ) your holiday shopping yet?


Emme Toaye said...

For the last ten years I have started my Christmas shopping at the after Christmas sales. The first time you do this it seems a little expensive but will be well worth it by saving money and time the next time the Holiday comes around. Then I try to buy one items a month after that and by the time Christmas gets here I get to sit around and enjoy the season with a lot less stress and of course I make some of my gifts by hand and try to make one of these a month also.

Anonymous said...

We actually don't shop at all. Sounds mean, huh? We don't. We buy gift cards of $50 a piece for my niece and nephew, we buy my boys games for the 360 or iTunes cards. We ask people not to send us large boxes of whatever they think we'll like and just give the kids gift cards, iTunes cards and nothing else. We've never bought gifts for my parents or his, we've always been into just the spirit of the season.

Deb said...

Wanna share your teen gifts? I have 14 and 12 year old grandsons to buy for and am clueless. The other 4 are younger and I already have ideas for them, but the teen and preteen - yikes!

BTW I just swiped your button : )

Rebecca said...

I have given you a blog award because I love your blog so much! Check it out at