Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pre-nesting nesting?

Ah yes, I am still alive. Blogging just seems to be the last thing on my mind these days! Holidays complete with the typical family drama, spending time with Jack, cooking and gaming have been taking up all my time these days.

Notice I did not say cleaning lol.

I have been a little lackadaisical with my cleaning for a while. There is always something going on, always a house full of people and I just pretty much went on a strike. I cleaned what I had to in order to make it presentable. The weather is finally turning cooler for longer periods of time..so of course that makes me want to Fall Clean. Like Spring Cleaning, but better. Because I like cool weather. And stuff.

So for the last..oh 5 days or so, especially in the last two...I have been perusing the interwebz looking for food and cooking ideas, cleaning, decorating, decluttering and who knows what else ideas. Happens every year. In another week or so I will get a wild hair up my ass and clean everything in random fits of energy. Although with an extra person here who has a backwards sleeping schedule than the rest of us, that might not be as easy. That is okay, maybe one day soon I will have the house back and can do what I want to do lol. But yeah, I am getting in the mind frame now so I know what is coming. I am still lacking the physical energy, that will come in a few days.

Tomorrow is my most likely final doctors appointment for my ankle. The plate bothers me some, all of the swelling is gone now for the most part so now I can feel it through the skin, and pressure on that area is still rather painful. Any other time I feel great though, and I mean hell, it has only been three months since I broke it and I have healed quite rapidly all things considered, so I am not complaining. It is just something I have to be a little mindful of. Because if I hit it on something, I will die. Curl up in the floor and bellow like a bovine in labor. Mmhmm.

So yeah. That is what I have been doing. Or not doing...take your pick. I may or may not have also been in a bit of a downswing, and I may or may not be coming around to a slight up swing, so stay tuned, you might see a slew of manic, rapid fire posts soon lol.

Thanksgiving was okay...Dad decided he did not care for our roommate so there was a bit of drama there, but it was still pretty much typical Dad behavior. I got to see my favorite cousin Jimmy, whom I only get to see a couple of times a year, so that was awesome. Food was good. I made my baked cheesecakes per my Mom's request, and I guess they were good. I did not even get a slice of them lol. I am going to make a couple more later this week.

I have been playing Skyrim sporadically, we got it the day it came out...but Perth plays it more than me. I just never seem to find the time to sit there more than an hour or so and in that game it takes that long just to get where you are going, much less do anything lol. I like it though. Also, I tend to let the guys play when they are here, Perth during the day before he sleeps, and Jack at night when he comes home. That does not leave much time for me to play lol. Plus, like I said, every spare moment of the day I am on the computer hunting up recipes and ideas and inspiration lol. I am not that worried about it. The games are not going anywhere.

Winter is usually a creative and productive time for me, and I am looking forward to it. I have felt pretty useless since I got hurt so it is nice to feel that old spark of who I was before I got hurt returning.

Other than that, not much else is going on. Typical friend bullshit, one only comes around when they feel like it, one never has time, one is always on some drama kick, and the rest are just like me, busy and living their lives. Nothing new there lol. Kids came to spend Saturday with me, that was great. But really, other than that it is just same shit, different day. Life is a little more crowded but hopefully it will change soon.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I hope that your Yule season is merry and bright!

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Tamara said...

Hi Bella! Sounds like you've been doing alot of the same things I've been doing. lol Glad life is going pretty good for you...keep in touch my friend. :)