Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A weird day...

That is what yesterday was for me. The whole day just had an off kilter vibe.

Good things and bad things happened yesterday. The first good thing to happen was that the guy finally showed up to replace our phone lines. Apparently the ones coming from the road to our house were old, and fried in one of the many recent storms we have had over the last month. The result was that we could not hear anything on our phone, due to the static and crackling sounds. Even trying to call something with an automated menu was impossible because you could not hear, and the interference was so bad the computer could not even tell which numbers we were pressing. This has been going on for over a month, and with doctors and lawyers and such needing to be called and to get calls from, I was very stressed out.

So dude comes and tells us he has to run new lines, and it will not take long. He told the truth. The Ditch Witch he had was a monster, and it ran the lines in no time flat.

Enter the first bad thing. As he was pulling the lines through the ground, he snapped the water line running from our well into the two places. So we had no water. I started to freak, but the dude came prepared ( according to him most places never bury their water lines deep enough to protect them, resulting in a lot of breaks ) and in less than 45 minutes we had water again. This guy was cool, I liked him.

Alex and I were getting ready to go to her Open House for school. Jack was supposed to go with us but he had to wait around for the phone guy to make sure the lines were clear, and in case anything else happened. The guy got done right as Alex and I were loading up in the truck to head to the school.

Enter the second bad thing. The truck would not crank. Jack came out to look and listen, and he said the fuel pump was not engaging. So we were stranded. I go in the house and use the now crystal clear phone line to call Mom, and begged her to come get us and take us to the Open House. ( She lives about ten minutes away..) Thankfully she agreed. So we go and meet Alex's new teacher, who is a very nice lady, and get her bus schedule and let her go say hello to her friends and teachers she missed from last year. After explaining everything to Mom, she was going to see if maybe she could help us with the cost of a fuel pump, which is several hundred dollars, but she made no promises.

We get home and Mom drops us off and leaves, and I come in to make Alex and I something to eat, since Jack made his own dinner. A few minutes later he goes outside for a few, and when he came back in I asked him what he was doing.

"Cranking the truck.." he said.

Me: " How in the hell did you manage that?"

Jack: " Pfft please, I AM still a mechanic you know!"

Me: " So it's fixed?"

Jack: "Fixed enough for now."

Me: " Good enough for me, call Mom and tell her not to worry about the money for now."

So he did and  that was the end of that. There was some corrosion or something somewhere, I do not know, I leave that kind of thing up to him for the most part. Point is the truck runs...or at least I think it does, he has not tried to crank it yet today lol. Hopefully it will.

So now that all the drama of yesterday is over, today is the last day of "vacation" and I am excited. Here shortly after Alex finishes breakfast, we are going to do some cleaning and pick out her clothes for tomorrow. Later I will give her a shower ( giving her one in the mornings before school is just to taxing on me, it takes me a while to wake up and move around, getting old sucks sometimes lol ) and if Jack feels up to it, he is going to help me start Operation Blueberry, which is me dying my hair blue for a little while. I have to dye it blonde first and let it rest and heal a little before I put the blue on in like a week or so, maybe two. I need his help with the blonde as it has to be totally covered. When I dye it different shades of red it does not matter if I miss a streak or two, as I am naturally red headed, so it does not show up much. Red streaks mixed in with the blonde would be very noticeable, and while it may look interesting, my dark red hair will not take the blue it needs to be as even as possible. Hence me needing his help if he is up to it. We shall see.

Other than that, we are just going to hang out and enjoy a last day of not doing much before the early mornings and homework start. I am actually looking forward to it for the most part. Except the homework part. Her homework sucks lol.

Have a great Wednesday folks!  For those of you who have kids, have they started school yet?


Cupp Kinch said...

I would love to see your hair blonde! Please post pictures. My children start school Monday the 20th.

Anonymous said...

The last of my three children started her last day of high school this past Monday. It's the end of an era...Feels weird.